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20 Profitable Hobbies Which Make Money

Some hobbies can always be profitable, especially when they can offer a unique value.

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Do you know what’s even better than making money from working? It’s gaining profits through profitable hobbies! A hobby is a fun thing people do in their spare time. And it can be anything, from fishing, traveling, gaming, or something else that may result in happiness. 

If you take a closer look at it, it’s also possible for us to get additional income through our hobbies. The chance would become higher as there is a value you may create out of the hobby. For example, if your hobby is making pottery, you may sell it and gain profits from your creations. 

20 Profitable Hobbies Which Make Money

There are a lot of profitable hobbies, and here are the 20 best of them:

20 Hobbies That Make Money

1. Social Media

Yes, we know. Social media is a fun place and many would consider it as a hobby since they spend a lot of time on it during their free time. When used in a certain way, social media may be a profitable medium, especially when you use it for marketing purposes. 

You can be an influencer, product marketer, or social media manager after spending much time learning about social media tips. So rather than just scrolling around, it would be best for you to do a little test to find what’s working as media promotion, and what’s not.

2. Making a YouTube Channel

If you have some love for video editing or public speaking, you may as well create a YouTube account where you can talk directly to your subscribers. Aside from creating regular content, you can also do live streaming, which lets you play some games or react to something while getting gifts along the way.

It would seem to be hard at the start, but after you spend more time being more familiarized with the platform, you will eventually know what’s working for your channel.

3. Blogging

If you love working behind the scenes and not facing your audience face to face, blogging may be a good option to pour out your ideas while getting some profits at the same time. By connecting your blog to Adsense, you may have a chance to get monthly income through views and clicks. 

4. DIY Creation

Do you know that people love buying handmade crafts? If you have a love for DIY creations, it would be a great idea to start marketing them and selling them to the people who love them. You can craft the things that many people would use, like decorations, furniture, clothing, and accessories. 

Leverage social media to promote your craft business, and you may start seeing the result after a while. Whatever the thing you’ve created, there’s always a market for it.

5. Podcasting

Another one on the list of profitable hobbies is podcasting. It’s a type of content that people usually watch on YouTube or listen to the radio. If you love talking to someone and are able to create a cozy vibe for both of you, doing a podcast may be a clever way to gain additional income through Adsense and partnerships with supporting brands.

6. Cooking

Do you love cooking? If you do, then it’s not too late to start a new cooking business by selling your delicious dishes. As cooking has a diverse audience, you may start making menus that many would find appealing. Thus, aside from selling them as products, you may also gain profits through collaborations or partnerships with brands. 

7. Traveling

Traveling can be one of the most profitable hobbies as you can have fun and gain profit at the same time. There are some travel YouTubers who may profit from this fun activity by doing collaborations with brands and endorsements with certain restaurants and other touristy locations.

8. Shopping & Fashion

We know, it may not be hard to believe that shopping can be a profitable hobby. But it indeed is, as long as you know where to tell your ideas. No matter what gender you are, there’s always the market for fashion niche on YouTube. You can make product reviews or list your shopping haul to inspire others. 

9. Makeup Art & Beauty

For those into fashion, you can make this hobby into something profitable by marketing your business as a makeup artist. You can try your service to your friends and family, and let them spread the good word. Other than being a MUA, you may also create content about makeup on YouTube and gain additional profits through Adsense.

10. Health & Fitness

People will eventually realize that health is more important than anything. Knowing this condition, your knowledge of health and fitness may help those in need of a healthier life by being a personal trainer or nutritionist. However, do note that you are required to have certain skills or certifications before starting the business. 

11. Sales

For those who love to market something and understand ways to make money, they could be a sale for a company. This can be a great opportunity, as the salespeople are able to know what their customers want and need. If you love doing interactions with customers, you may turn this hobby into something profitable.

12. Cryptocurrency Trading

Some people may consider trading as a hobby, a profitable one at that. Crypto trading can be an interesting hobby as you need to inform yourself about the spectrum that may affect the price of the digital consists. Of course, knowledge about trading in general is always needed in order to make profits.

13. Writing & Proofreading

Many people love to write something, whether it’s just their written thoughts or something that a lot of people love, like novels, short stories, fan fiction, and others. You can make this hobby into a profitable career by being a content writer and proofreader.

You may start to build your portfolio as a freelance writer on various platforms. Although it may seem to be hard at first due to the competition, you may always shine through as long as you have the skills.

14. Graphic Design

If you love making logos, banners, or other kinds of visual creations, you may turn this hobby into something profitable by selling your design service. Go to the popular freelancing platforms, and start promoting your service there. 

15. Music

The next one on the list of profitable hobbies is music. Some people love to mix or produce music and make it as a hobby. This hobby may be profitable as a lot of people love and need some music in their lives. So, by offering your professional services, you can turn what you love into something that may gain you some income.

16. Photography

Photography is not only about hobbies but also skills. In order to create good shots, some skills and experience are definitely needed. Thus, if you have had photography as a hobby for a while, you may turn it into one of a profitable hobbies. 

17. Drawing

Many people love to draw, and a good portion of them have made drawing as their main source of income. If you also love the same thing, you may easily offer your drawing service, whether it’s digital or non-digital. There’s always the market for drawing, and it even branches to something more specific like realistic or cartoonish.

It’s never too late to start, especially now when you can meet great freelance platforms that give the freedom for their users to share their creations. 

18. Gardening & Flower Arrangement

If you love gardening, you may also have the chance to turn it into a profitable hobby as many people love it too. You may start a small business selling flowers or something else like fruits or vegetables. Go to the nearest farmer’s market and sell your products there.

19. Interior Design

Everyone loves an appealing and functional home design. If you have a knack for home designing, you may always offer your professional service as an interior designer. People would love to spend more for a greater quality of interior design. So if you can prove what’s your worth, you may easily turn this hobby into something more valuable.

20. Dog Walking

Who knows that dog walking may also be one of the profitable hobbies. As more people are getting busier with their schedules, they often have little time to take care of their dogs. Thus, there are people who are hired for this specific task.

While the owners may rest easy knowing that the task has been taken care of, you may also have some fun doing this activity with the lovable dogs. 


Did you find your hobby on our list? There are so many hobbies that may be profitable, especially if many people need it. Thus, if you feel that your hobby may prove a unique value, feel free to share it with others. Who knows, they would willing to pay for what you always love.

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