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What State In The US Helps Single Moms The Most?

There’s one state that may offer the best help for single moms.

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It’s always been hard to live as a single parent, especially in this day and age where everything seems harder. But still, in many countries, living as a single parent is not anywhere as rare. In the US, for example, almost 23% of teens below 18 are living with their single moms. Seeing how common this is, the matter grows even more concerning.

When you compare it with the global rate (7%), that number is still 3 times worse. For single fathers and single moms, life has become really challenging. Knowing this condition, it’s understandable for anyone to ask about which state could be the best option.

In this article, we’ll tell what state is the best for single moms that will potentially help them raise their families better. See more information in the below explanation.

What Makes a State Great for Single Parents

Of course, before choosing the best state for single moms, there are some spectrums that we need to first check. A lot of single parents are struggling to find a decent job that may pay more. Thus, finding a state that can better accommodate them in this aspect is essential.

In the US, there are some states where people may gain higher annual income. The rates can be way higher than the other states, but it is normal, knowing that a state may grow much better than the rest. 

Aside from the income, there are other considerable things as well, including transportation, cost of living, education, and many others. And considering all the aspects, we’ve finally come to the best state in the US for single moms. 

Which State in The US Is Best for Single Moms?

For single moms who want to look for better fortune to raise their families, California stands out to be the best state. This fast-growing state has a better economy, respects workspace protection, and has lots of transportation options.

If you check the workplace protection score, California tops the list by offering more benefits to workers when compared to other states. For example, the company has to give employees eight weeks of leave for a year, paid. Although the amount might not be the greatest, at least the intention of giving the paid leave will make them happy.

Not all states would respect this law. Oftentimes, staff who are taking their leaves will not given any payment or even permission.

How about the income score?

Surprisingly, California is still present in the top list as #6 with an average yearly income of $ 60,235. When you compare it with the yearly income data from other states, you may find that California is ranked second. This amount is way above the poverty level of most single parents. 

However, not all places are perfect, there’s also something that single parents need to compromise when living in California. It’s the cost of living. It’s not cheap to live in this state, especially if you want to stay in big cities.

But, comparing it with all the work benefits, especially the higher annual income, it seems to be bearable. Parents can take family leave and focus on their kids without being punished by the companies they work with. 


Finding the best state to live in might get pretty challenging. But once you find the data, and have the ability to compromise a few things, you may always live better. Trust your gut and good luck!

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