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How To Get Faster Shipping Times In Dropshipping

The secret of success for a dropshipping business is satisfied customers.




The lengthy shipping durations are the main worry for most beginners to dropshipping. It’s a perfectly realistic worry, especially given that Amazon can deliver things to customers in a matter of days.

Even if shipping times aren’t always a deal-breaker, you’ll want to cut them as much as you can.

We’ll walk you through several methods in this article so you can continue to drop ship without making your customers wait a month or more for their orders.

Advantages of Quick Shipping for Dropshipping

Although consumers enjoy receiving their products quickly, are there any financial advantages to fast shipment in dropshipping? There are, indeed. Here are a few examples:

Outstanding Shopping Experience

Online shoppers hate nothing more than having to wait what seems like an eternity for their items to arrive. It’s stressful and utterly frustrating.

Making your customers wait a long time to receive their orders will not go over well. Additionally, an unhappy consumer might never come back to your shop. Even worse, they may spread unfavorable publicity about your business and deter customers.

That is definitely not what you want!

Customers adore it when their items arrive very instantly after being placed. Therefore, speeding up the delivery of their order will help to enhance their shopping experience and encourage them to visit your dropshipping store once more.

Positive Feedback

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a lot of glowing recommendations from your previous clients? You would, for sure!

The truth is that your store will appear more trustworthy and draw in more customers the more favorable reviews it receives.

And what better method to increase client satisfaction than by speeding up dropshipping shipping? Your consumers will give you more good reviews if you fulfill their requests quickly.

Abandonment of Low Carts

Customers may become discouraged by lengthy delivery times and remove items from their baskets before checking out. Therefore, there is a significant likelihood that your lengthy delivery time is to blame if clients have been leaving their shopping carts unattended on your website.

Consequently, accelerated dropshipping can aid in lowering the rate of cart abandonment at your store. You must be aware of what that means. Higher sales!

More Income

Your consumers will probably wish to place another order if they receive their orders swiftly. Even if they don’t, they will still tell their friends and relatives about your store. These recommendations will finally result in sales with time.

Additionally, your business will expand and create more revenue as you close more deals. It’s that easy.

When Dropshipping, Here Are 5 Ways to Get Quick Shipping Times

Contrary to popular belief, dropshipping allows you to shorten shipment times. Here are 5 methods to accomplish that:

Look For US Suppliers

Mature manager with digital tablet discussing work with logistics team. Warehouse worker meeting over delivery schedule.

Finding providers in the same region as your target customers, who are in the US, is preferable.

Using US-based providers can ensure that your consumers receive their goods far more quickly. Your sales will increase as a result of speedier delivery and lower shipping costs for your clients.

It benefits both you and your clients. However, where can you locate US suppliers? There are some techniques you can use. One is by using Aliexpress’ “Ship from” filter option.

Finding suppliers located in the nation you want to target with Sell the Trend is an alternative strategy that is far more effective. With the help of Sell the Trend’s local supplier tool, you can quickly get in touch with vendors in the US, Spain, Germany, or any other nation you want to market to.

Consult Suppliers For Shipping Times

From US vendors, you may not get favorable terms. As a result, you might need to go back to using Aliexpress to source your goods since those are typically less expensive there.

If that’s really the case, it’s best to inquire about shipment schedules with a potential source before making any commitments. Thank goodness, Aliexpress gives you the option to DM a supplier.

Ask a supplier about their shipment schedules when you speak with them. Additionally, attempt to learn if they have expedited shipping and how much it costs. If it is possible, place a test order with the provider to learn about their delivery policies.

To Determine Their Shipping Times, Test Two To Three Suppliers

It’s usually not enough to place a trial order with one supplier; you need to try more. Preferably 2 to 3. Finding vendors with quicker shipping times will be simple if you test more sources. Do as many rounds of testing as you can because first impressions aren’t always important.

Are you concerned that multiple testing will be quite expensive? You don’t have to conduct the tests on yourself, though. Every time a consumer places an order, you can complete them.

Make Use of Aliexpress Premium Shipping

The best option if you want your consumers to receive their products faster is Aliexpress premium shipping. Aliexpress Premium shipping allows you to deliver goods to customers in 2 to 3 days, as opposed to Aliexpress Standard shipping, which can take up to 60 days.

The cost of Aliexpress Premium delivery is as you may anticipate. For instance, the cost of delivering a cheap chain necklace to the US via DHL, one of Aliexpress’s Premium shipping choices, maybe as high as $42.

Make Your Fulfillment Process Automated

Automating your fulfillment process is another way to shorten drop shipping times and deliver orders to your consumers much more quickly.

Final Note

Undoubtedly, the shipping durations associated with dropshipping can be too long. Customers may need to wait up to 50 days to get their orders, depending on your shipping options.

Thankfully, we have provided a few methods for you to take in order to accelerate things in this piece. They should be useful, we hope.

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