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Best Alibaba Alternatives For Clothes

Slow shipping with Alibaba? – No worries. Here are other choices you can consider.




Alibaba is a great way to import goods from China since it gives you access to hundreds of providers who can make practically any product.

What if, however, there were better options than Alibaba for your company? Alternatives with higher-quality suppliers are available? maybe different options using more regional vendors?

We’ll expose you to the top 16 Alibaba substitutes in this post for 2022. Additionally, we’ll provide some insightful advice on where to find your products.

Why Would You Want To Purchase From Websites Like Alibaba?

Before we examine the top Alibaba-like websites, it’s critical to comprehend why you should purchase goods from these online stores. The following are the main advantages:

  • Utilizing marketplaces, you can discover thousands of superior vendors.
  • Sites like Alibaba provide payment protection in the event that a supplier breaches contracts.
  • Due to their lower wages, Chinese suppliers may sell goods at a lower price (only for Chinese marketplaces)
  • Chinese producers are capable of meeting big order volumes quickly.
  • Chinese manufacturers now make goods of a high caliber.

Essentially, these are the explanations for why Alibaba and other similar websites are so well-liked and why you ought to search for suppliers there.

Why Should You Consider Alternatives to Alibaba?

The most well-known B2B marketplace for sourcing goods from China is Alibaba, which also provides some essential benefits like Alipay to safeguard customers.

Alibaba is frequently the first option for Amazon Sellers and e-commerce companies. So why should you consider Alibaba alternatives?

To identify the ideal supplier for your company, you should look beyond Alibaba for the following main reasons:

  • You will discover the same products as other companies if you conduct a product search exclusively on Alibaba because everyone uses Alibaba to conduct product searches.
  • You can definitely find a product at a lower cost or of higher quality.
  • To save money on shipping, you might wish to explore local suppliers.
  • Probably on another marketplace, there is a wider range of products available.

These are merely the most crucial justifications for visiting other websites besides Alibaba. Basically, since you don’t want to restrict yourself to a single market, you should consider all of your options.

The Best Alternatives to Alibaba for 2022


The main rival of Alibaba and one that functions similarly is GlobalSources. The portal, which features producers from throughout the world, is totally in English.

However, Alibaba and Global Sources differ in some ways. Because the admissions process is more stringent on GlobalSources, you can find more actual manufacturers there as opposed to so-called “Trading Companies.”

Sometimes you have to receive prices from a source because you can’t always see them. Remember that Alibaba’s pricing is frequently off.


A B2B marketplace that features suppliers primarily from Korea, as well as those from China and the USA. You can filter vendors by nation, which is useful.


DHGate is comparable to Alibaba in both appearance and functionality. The portal offers a wide range of goods at prices that are comparable to those on Alibaba. Additionally, you can speak with suppliers and bargain with them.

Supplier Database

The finest Alibaba substitute is Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database. Searching the database for high-quality manufacturers can provide you with useful information like customer volume or confirmed shipments.

Additionally, you may monitor bids and create purchases right from the Supplier Database.

Online B2B marketplace has a large number of European providers. The corporation offers various subdomains for the majority of nations, making it simpler to traverse the market. You can select from a variety of currencies as well.


A B2B marketplace called Lightinthebox has more than 60,000 products, including toys, furniture, apparel, electronics, and much more.

Made in China

The only products available on Made in China are from Asia. Additionally, you can speak with specific producers and bargain with them. You will discover reasonable Minimum-Order-Quantities when compared to other B2B marketplaces.


ECPlaza is a South Korean corporation. There are providers from all around the world in this B2B marketplace.

Quality Trade

Quality Trade is a great alternative to Alibaba because it is a B2B marketplace for companies that have received ISO certification.


Only available in Chinese, 1688 is geared toward Asian consumers. You shouldn’t let it deter you from getting in touch with a manufacturer listed on, though. Asian distributors and manufacturers are more price-flexible than European ones since they are far more price-sensitive.


One of the biggest B2B marketplaces in India is called IndiaMART. IndiaMarket is worthwhile taking a look at as the Indian supplier market grows more intriguing, particularly as an alternative to the Asian market.


Europages is a business directory rather than a B2B marketplace. European companies are listed. Every language is supported by the website.


Another Indian counterpart to Alibaba, TradeIndia, is helpful for companies in the textile and apparel industries. Check out TradeIndia if you’re interested in the Indian supplier market.

Thomas Net

For 120 years, Thomas Net has been meeting the demands of B2B customers. Manufacturers, resellers, and service providers like marketing firms can be found on the platform.


In Spain, SoloStocks is the top online sales platform for companies. It is also well-known abroad, particularly in Latin America.

A B2B marketplace called features solely Chinese vendors. Although it is almost identical to, you can also access the website in English.

Final Note

Possibly the most well-known B2B marketplace is Alibaba. There are several platforms than Alibaba, nevertheless, that can benefit your company more.

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