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Best Problem-Solving Strategies In Business

Problem-solving strategies are vital, no matter what type of business.

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Learning about the best problem-solving strategies may be helpful for anyone who is struggling with challenges both in their workplace and in their daily life. People do have their own challenges and struggles. Without thinking about how to solve them, they would carry more burdens every day, which may affect their lives terribly.

So, understanding the concept of problem-solving strategies may help you to be free from problematic issues. No need to worry, it would be better to begin with the common strategies first, which are easier to do. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best problem-solving strategies you may apply in both your personal life and business. And to better understand them, let us start by learning about the definitions. 

Defining Problem-Solving Strategies

As the name tells you, problem-solving strategies are techniques or methods to effectively deal with problems. They consist of understanding the problems, making a visual representation of them, and identifying the possible solutions.

Knowing about the strategies is also an integral part of striving in business. The competition may be tough, and when running a business, you will meet a lot of unexpected things. Without the proper strategies, it would be risky to deal with them head-on. 

These strategies may also become a solution to overcome common problems. For example, many businesses are suffering from decreasing customer engagement rates. To solve the problem properly, they need to identify the root of the problem first, and it may take a while to find them.

The business would usually assemble a team to do the task, usually the analytics team. They would see the problem from different perspectives and find possible solutions by tracking the same problem that previously occurred. 

For example, the root problem is slowly decreasing engagement rate. There are many possible causes of this. If you’re looking from the customers’ perspective, several possibilities may arise, including a worse user interface, bad website responsivity, or irrelevant content. 

With the finding, the team would relay the message to the person in command, which later continues to the responsible team. By working together, the problems will likely be solved without the need to spend much time. 

The Best Problem-Solving Strategies In Business

When talking about the best problem-solving strategies, there are actually some that you may use, including:

1. Kipling Method

This strategy underlines the six important questions to solve a problem. It’s based on Rudyard Kipling’s poem and uses a unique approach by first knowing about the probable cause by asking:

  • What is the actual problem?
  • What is it important?
  • When did it appear and when it should be solved?
  • How did it happen?
  • Where did it happen?
  • Who’s the most affected by the problem?

There’s nothing better than knowing about the actual problem more closely. So knowing the answers to these questions would take you closer to finding the truth. 

2. Visualize The Problem

You would become too stressed if you only imagine the problem in your head. In fact, most people do feel the same thing. The mind may easily get overwhelmed due to the amount of stress and information. Thus, it would be better if you visualize the problem by drawing a diagram of it.

This diagram is helpful as one of the best problem-solving strategies. It may give you a better understanding of the root problem, all the involved parties, and the processes to fix it. 

3. Trial and Error Matters

You wouldn’t spend the time on doing trial and error for a waster. Instead, the amount of time you would like to provide will take you an inch closer to the solutions. It’s okay to find alternative methods to a solution as most problems would call for more answers.

Therefore, if plan A doesn’t work for you, go to plan B. And if it still doesn’t work, make an immediate approach by crafting plan C, and so on. There’s always something to learn from failure, and when you get wiser, the solutions may appear right before your eyes 

4. Use Previous Solutions

When identifying the problem, you may get an idea of whether the problem is new or has occurred before. If it’s the latter, one of the best problem-solving strategies you could do is to find the previous solutions.

If it seems that you could apply the same strategy, use it. 

5. Brainstorm with The Team

In business, you’ll never walk alone. You have your manager, boss, seniors, and fellow workmates you can talk to. With more people involved in solving the issue, you would likely find the solutions. Sometimes, the solution you just need may come from unexpected people. So when you have someone around, discuss it with them. 

Listen to their advice and input, and don’t be shy to share your ideas. Who knows, the problem may get solved before you know it. 

6. Leave It for The Day

When the situation gets too overwhelming, sometimes it’s just better to sleep on it. Your mind might not be able to think clearly simply because you’re exhausted. So if it’s not urgent, pack your stuff, and call it a day. 

Sometimes, just walking around the block may spark your inspiration. There’s also a moment when sitting in a toilet allows you to think more clearly as it is able to create the space and time for creativity

Simpler things like these are often overlooked, although they are pretty much effective. So if need a bit of time, take some rest for a few days if necessary. As your body gets refreshed, you may be able to think more clearly the next day. 

7. Put Down Working Solutions On A Note

Remember the “using the previous solutions” strategy? If you are able to find one that’s new, make sure to record it and save it in a special note. That way, you will always remember the solutions for specific problems. So the next time you encounter the same issue, you already have the tools to deal with it. 


Learning about problem-solving strategies may help a lot in solving issues both in the business and personal life. When someone is used to the common strategies, they would be able to adapt, whenever they go.

Remember that if the problems get too overwhelming, take some rest and think it through. With your mind and body refreshed, you may able to think about things more clearly. Who knows, the solution is actually simple; you just couldn’t see it before as you were too tired.

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