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How to Plan A Wedding On A Budget

A humble and happy wedding is more meaningful than something more fancy.

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Having a wedding on a budget may be a clever way if you want to prioritize your money for something better. After all, there are most costs awaiting you after the wedding, the costs of living. So rather than being stressed because of the piling expenses, having extra savings may help.

A wedding may run properly as long as several important things are present, like catering, cake, decoration, and a convenient venue for the guests. You may always prioritize certain spending while cutting others you’d consider less important.

Aside from focusing on the expenses for guests, there are also some fixed costs that will focus on yourself, for example, the fee for photographers, entertainment, or make-up artists. To make the event run properly, there are some costs you need to compromise. 

In this article, we will explain how to plan a wedding on a budget. Let us first start by understanding the essential costs.

Understanding What’s Important

How to Plan A Wedding on A Limited Budget

To plan a wedding on a budget, there’s something you need to know before deciding which costs you may exclude from the list: your financial capability. Not everyone might have the same financial capabilities to spend more money on their weddings. So, it’s important to know how much you can actually afford before we go to the next step.

As this event is not only for you alone, you may also talk about this with both families. Have a sit and calculate the wedding budget to see how willing are they to contribute to the event. It’s really okay to talk about something as important as this.

After you finally get the number, you may do the next step in breaking down the wedding plan using the checklist. You may adjust your budget and allocate them for the most important spending, such as:

  • Photographer and videographer’s fees
  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Weeding dress
  • Flower arrangements
  • Cake
  • Decorations
  • Stationary
  • Gifts
  • Entertainment

The budget allocation for them may be different according to your own financial ability and agreement with both families. But, there are some spending that requires a higher amount than anything else on the list.

For example,  the catering and venue would spend roughly 40% to 50% of your budget, and the same thing goes for decor, which is usually set at 10% to 15%.

How to Plan A Wedding on A Limited Budget

Not everyone is wishing to have a fancy wedding. Whether it’s for financial or personal purposes, each person has their own reasons. Remember that the wedding day should be your happiest day. What’s important is that you will finally tie the knot with someone you love on this important day.

If you want to have a wedding on a budget, there are some things that may help you realize it, such as:

1. Making The Budget

Before doing anything else, setting the budget for the wedding event should be your number one priority. Having a wedding on a budget means that you need to be wiser with the spending. After knowing the amount of budget you can afford, you may walk on to the next step by selecting the important spending.

Prioritize the spending based on their importance. If you want to eliminate the budget for something that’s not primary, you may use the fund instead to improve the important costs, like catering or cake, for example. 

2. Finding The Venues

There are places in your area that might be cheaper than the others; all you have to do is find them and book one of them for your wedding. Although it might not seem easy at first, you may always use a lot of tools to find them. And the most effective one to use is social media.

Regularly check the wedding venues by typing the keywords in the search bar, and you may eventually land on one solid option. Another thing you may consider is the country-run facilities. There are some locations preserved for events, including weddings. Thus, if you want to have a wedding on a budget, use these beautiful places instead. 

Additionally, a backyard wedding is also a nice concept. It doesn’t cost you a lot of money and can make the wedding feel more intimate. 

3. Craft Your Own Decorations

Decorations may cost a lot, and that’s not a new issue. If you want to save some budget on decorations, why don’t you craft them on your own? Feel free to use DIY wedding decorations which you may easily obtain from the internet.

With the help of some friends and family members, you may create an unforgettable wedding that’s decorated with purity and love. 

4. Saving Budget On Catering

One of the biggest costs of a wedding is catering, and you may cut some costs by looking for the most affordable but still delicious options in your area. Rather than having an ala-carte service, it would be best to look for more affordable service styles, including buffets, family style, and then plated.

Want to have something more radical? Have a food truck parked nearby. 

5. Buying a Dress on A Budget

Buying a Dress on A Budget

A wedding dress could easily cost thousands of dollars, and you may have the opportunity to use it only on the wedding day. So if the dress is not your top priority, you can always buy one online. Pick a dress that will look good on you. And after making sure that everything fits nicely, including the budget, just order one for your wedding. 


Having a wedding on a budget is actually not something shameful. Instead, most people have become more familiar with the concept as it’s more minimalistic and realistic to their budgets. It’s not impossible to have a meaningful wedding on a budget. 

As long as you know that all your needs are covered nicely, you may rest easy as you will have the nicest and most meaningful celebration in your life.

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