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How to Start Affiliate Marketing Through Amazon

Want to have another income source? Try to start affiliate marketing.

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There are so many ways to gain additional income online, and one of the most effective is becoming an affiliate marketer. This job requires you to do affiliate marketing, which means to improve certain product awareness through affiliate links. To start affiliate marketing, you need to put the product links on your platform, and the program will pay you accordingly. 

If you’re aiming for the same thing, it’s never too late to try. Although the competition sure becomes tougher now as more and more people are coming to the platform, you may still have a chance to succeed by using the appropriate strategies.

As you search for the platform on the internet, you may find some that many would consider popular, including Amazon. For those who want to seek platforms to start earning as an affiliate marketer, Amazon is sure one of the places people would recommend. It may offer the largest network for affiliate programs.

In this article, we’d like to share a few tips and useful methods to start affiliate marketing through Amazon. Although there are more than 90,000 affiliates around, you may stand on the top by applying the proper strategies. See more in the explanation below:

Defining The Amazon Affiliate Program

Credits: Amazon

So, what is it actually? Amazon Associates is a program by Amazon to gives a chance to publishers or content creators to make money from using the traffic on their platforms. 

This provides a good way to connect Amazon users with the platforms that highlight certain products depending on the niches and target markets. What’s great about this is that Amazon has so many regular users. According to Jungle Scout, Amazon has 310 million regular users that actively use the platform.

When they want to buy something online, most people in the States would prefer to use Amazon. Again, this is also a fact found by research that concludes almost 75% of people would like to use Amazon to buy their things online.  

The people above may benefit from the Amazon Affiliates program by directing the traffic they have to the particular Amazon products. That way, Amazon may get more exposure, while you as the affiliate marketer, may gain profits from the collaboration.

Learning How It Works

The Amazon Affiliate program is pretty simple. When you are eligible for the program, you will have the task of promoting Amazon products on your platform. Amazon will give the links that will redirect to the products.

When your visitor clicks the link and makes a purchase, you will get commissions. However, there’s a 24-hour time window. It if expires, you won’t get anything in return.

However, the time window may reset on some occasions. For example, if someone visits the Amazon products using your affiliate link and puts them in the cart, you still wouldn’t get anything. But, the next time they open the site, a new time window will apply. 

As long as the products are on their cart, you will get the referral fee until it expires (usually around 90 days). However, do note that your account will start receiving money only after the customer uses your link to visit and buy the products by making a full payment. Until then, all the commissions would only be unrealized gain. 

To make you understand it better, see the picture below:

Credits: AAWP

How to Become An Affiliate Marketer on Amazon

Now, there are some things you need to know to start affiliate marketing. But no need to worry, we’ll walk you through it with several tips that we will explain shortly. The most important thing here is to make sure that you are eligible for the program.

Amazon already prepared the list of requirements to make someone eligible, so pay good attention to those. If you couldn’t find them somehow, below are the basic requirements you need to fulfill:

  • For website – The website should have at least 10 blog posts and be personally owned by yourself. Another thing to note is the site should also be active with recent posts in the last 60 days.
  • Mobile apps – App developers should ensure that their apps support Apple, Google Play, and Amazon app stores. 
  • Social media – Even influencers may have a side income by becoming affiliate marketers. To be eligible for the program, the social media should be engaging and have a strong social presence. 

So, which way do you want to go? No matter what it is, be sure to fulfill the necessary requirements before you apply. There are also methods to start affiliate marketing which you can see below:

1. Make A Website

A website is a crucial asset in today’s fast-moving industries. Not only to promote your content, you may also use it as a tool for affiliate marketing as well. Remember that you can put the product links from Amazon? You will put them inside your very own website.

In case you want to make your own store on Amazon, having a website may create a good initial impression as it may show how professional you are. The better your image is, the easier it will be to create clickable affiliate links.

A website shouldn’t be complicated. Simple-looking websites that are fully functional are more than enough to share the Amazon affiliate links. 

2. Join The Amazon Affiliates Program

Of course, the best way to start affiliate marketing is by actually joining the program. All you need to do here is to click the “Sign Up” button which is presented right on the homepage. The system would ask you to put down the details of your Amazon account.

Put the necessary information as true as possible, including your name, address, and other things you would consider important. 

3. Put Your Website’ Address

In the registration process, you can make yourself more eligible by connecting other platforms’ links, including YouTube channels, web addresses, and others. From there, you may select the Amazon topics you would most prefer.

Another good thing to start affiliate marketing is to tell them the truth about yourself and what you usually do. Of course, there should be some information related to the website, like how many visitors you have per month, previous achievements, and many others. 

4. Select The Preferred Payment Method

After you are completely sure that the information you put stays true to the fact, you may continue the registration process vt choosing the payment method you like the most. Better think about it before making any decision. 

5. Create and Share The Links

The last thing you need to do to start affiliate marketing through Amazon is to make and share the affiliate links. You may check your personal dashboard and check everything in it. On the very same page, you may also consider picking which link to put on your platform.


If you want to start affiliate marketing, it would be best to learn about the business itself, including what it is and how it works. As the competition gets bigger, you’ll need to work harder to surpass the competitors. 

Starting to become one may be easy, but what’s hard is to prepare for them. With high determination and effort, you may need to prepare yourself better to increase the chance of getting this partnership with Amazon. 

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