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Tech Solutions That Every New Business Needs

Francise Angel



New tech changes can help your business grow. Since the start of the pandemic, you need to adapt to the new technology trends in order to have a productive business. With these new technologies, you can upgrade the working in your business and reshape the work organization.

As a business owner, it is very important to keep up with the latest technology trends. If you want your business to grow and be more efficient take a look at this article and find out more about the latest tech solutions that every business needs.

5 Must-have Tech Solutions for Your Business

As the need for new technologies keeps rising there are many new solutions you can integrate into your everyday business working. Depending on the need of your company, whether to increase productivity or to implement better software for communication you can choose the tech solution you need.

Here are the latest technology trends you need to watch out for:

1. Software tools for remote working

Tech Solutions: Remote working

Although remote working has been a possibility in previous years, now with the pandemic is a must option for businesses to normally operate. Many great applications can offer you great communication such as Teams, Slack, and Basecamp.

These apps were created a while ago, but today are of essential value for every company. Remote working will also save a lot of money for the company because there will be no cost for maintaining a facility, traveling costs, etc.

New and more advanced technologies can help your business to become more competitive and also hire people from all over the world. With the current situation, the trend for remote working will continue to rise in the next couple of years.

2. Artificial intelligence

AI Tech solutions for new businesses

One of the latest trends in 2021 is artificial intelligence. This technology is getting integrated more and more in today’s businesses. AI provides you with a lot of options as voice assistants, chatbots, personal customer experience, get an insight into the customer desires, robots, face security recognitions, and many more options.

Even though this solution is being used by larger companies, AI will take place more often also in smaller companies. AI will help smaller companies provide better customer service for their customers and save them a lot of time.

Research showed that the biggest problem in smaller companies is insufficient time. With AI will be possible for small business to run their operations more efficiently than ever.

If your employees spend almost half of the day on manual tasks, like writing data, AI will be very helpful. Another helpful thing with AI is that you can use it to track customer behavior and to give an insight into the latest trends on the market.

Although it seems like it is a technology for the future more and more companies are starting to use AI. It is only a matter of time when AI will be integrated into every business. The main thing would be to find the perfect balance between AI and the human workforce to reach maximum efficiency.

Here are the top 50 AI Companies that will take this industry to the next level.

3. 5G technology and its importance

Tech Solutions: 5G

The rise of 5G technology, the latest generation of cellular ability, transmits data a lot faster than 4G. 5G network speed is expected to increase by 100 times their current rate.

As more and more customers are making online transactions and orders faster internet will help a lot of companies to improve their working and improve productivity. With 5G is expected companies to have better internal communication and to solve the problem with Wi-Fi connection and latency. Also, it will allow you to send large files to clients with reduced time.

This is a major breakthrough in the development of IoT (Internet of things), although it is still early for any assumptions.

4. Tech solutions for better cybersecurity infrastructure

Source: iStock

More and more small companies are being targeted for cyber-attacks. By the end of 2021, the total cost of cybercrime is expected to cost around $6 trillion and that number will rise to $10.5 trillion by the end of 2025.

This means that the primary focus of every modern company should be keeping their infrastructure safe.

With the rise of new technologies, the threat of cyber-attacks is stronger every day. Businesses need to invest a lot of money to keep their data safe, otherwise, glitches in the company can cause huge losses and can ruin the company.

5. Implement a broad project manager tool

Project manager tool for new businesses

Since the start of the pandemic, companies have started to look for software to help them improve their productivity. If you don’t implement the right project management software in your business you will face problems with productivity.

It is of exceptional importance to have a project management tool that will help your employees to communicate and collaborate. Also, your PM tool will need to have some additional features, like:

–        Comprehensive HR software with centralized information to keep track of your employees

–       Feature to track all the projects and tasks for your employees

–       Communication tool

–       PM Timelines and forecasts

–       File management

–       Performance reports and analytics

–       Inventory management tool to keep track of your products, or inventory (Cin7 and TradeGecko are great apps for this)


Technology is rapidly growing and companies need to invest money to improve their businesses. Business is evolving with the technology trends and owners need to adapt to these changes if they want to succeed.

Even though it is very challenging for small companies to survive in the time with the pandemic crisis some of these tech solutions are not as expensive and you can integrate them very easily. It is important to invest in the right tech solutions so that you can improve your productivity and provide a better customer experience.

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