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What Does It Mean Spiritually When You Dream about Money

Is it always good to dream about money?

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People would say that you should forget bad dreams. Remembering the bad experience may affect your routine as well. And it doesn’t seem reasonable to fear something you’re not sure real or not. But what if you dream about money?

People are always wondering about the good dreams they previously had. And it could be anything from a meeting long-distance partner, buying expensive things, or dreaming about money.

what does it mean when you dream about money

What does it mean when someone in your dream is giving you money? And what does it mean when someone takes the money off you? In this article, we’ll give you an answer to these dreams, along with the potential signs that might happen to you.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Money?

Don’t be afraid if you have this dream recently. People love money after all, and we are sure that you do too. Is dreaming about money may indicate a bad thing? By dreaming about it, you’re basically hoping to get the thing you’re always dreaming about. In the case of money, anyone would love to have some in their pocket.

The dream may represent some things that you probably didn’t know of before. It could be an indication of desire, which is pretty common in most cases, or a little prediction for the future. Knowing that a good thing may happen in their lives, most people would feel excited when they had this dream. So if you did too, there’s no reason to feel afraid about it.

However, there may also be other deeper meanings about this dream, such as:

A Sign of Good Fortune

This is what people are usually expecting about the dream about money. Although we can’t define whether it’s going to happen or not, it might be a good indicator that you may experience a better fortune in the future. The term “future” is unpredictable; it could be hours from now, or maybe in the next years.

What matters here is that the dream may tell you about something. If you have a dream of receiving money, there’s a little chance that you may experience the same thing in real life. Whether it’s money from work, family, or many other sources, you will eventually get your fortune. 

If we take a look at it from the perspective of religion, the biblical meaning of money is the same thing as blessings from God. With His grace, who knows, the money may even represent something better than money. 

The Subconscious Manifestation of Desires

When you dream about money, it may be the result of your subconscious manifesting what you want into a reality. As you want to get more money, you may experience getting money in your dreams. That’s indeed what you want, after all.

This is basically the same thing when you dreamt about having toys in your dream as a kid. As the desire to have it is piling up, the subconscious is trying to turn it into a reality, which results in the particular dream.

However, don’t see it as a bad thing. Manifesting the dream may always result in something better as it can motivate you. Having a dream about money may be a starting point for you to work harder to achieve the financial goal you’re always dreaming about. With your utmost effort, something great will certainly happen in the future. 

Dreaming About Giving Money to Others

Sometimes, the dream about money is not only about yourself. There’s a moment when you have a dream about giving your money to someone else. What does it mean?

This dream is actually common, especially if you live with family members of someone you deeply care about. The meaning of this dream may vary depending on the person who receives your money.

If they are someone you know, it may be a sign that you truly love them. Giving money to them may be your way to keep them happy. Seeing them happy makes you happy. There’s also a probability that this dream was your past experience with family.

But what if you don’t know who the person is? The dream could mean that you are giving them something in order to validate that you’re good enough. You need to give them something and get the approval in return. 

This dream could also mean that you are being untrue to yourself, especially if you don’t sense happiness or fulfillment when giving money. It’s like a chore, something that makes you not happy and burdened, which is basically the same thing as seeking validation.

So, what truly matters here is who is the person receiving the money. The meaning of this dream may present differently according to them. 


Dreaming about money may present different meanings according to various factors. What’s important here is that there’s nothing worrying to think about. Dreaming about the thing you love isn’t wrong, it’s a normal case. 

Rather than thinking about how weird you are for dreaming about money, it would be much better to consider it as a sign of good fortune. That way, you can stay motivated to deal with what’s to come. 

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