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Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

Finding the best product is crucial for building a successful Amazon business. Here are some suggestions.




The popularity of the products has a significant part in the development and success of an Amazon FBA business. Researching the newest trends and which product categories are less crowded by competition is a smart practice when selecting the best products to sell on Amazon FBA.

Are you interested in learning where to find goods to sell on Amazon FBA? Product research for Amazon FBA is where it all begins.

Amazon Marketplace

The Amazon marketplace, which is updated hourly and is based on sales, is one of the most obvious sections to explore Amazon products. To help you get started and provide you with new suggestions for growing your shop, it is categorized by FBA product type (and then divided into subcategories).

According to research on best sellers, the product categories that the typical consumer uses every day are the most well-liked and profitable ones. You can depend on the following top-selling Amazon product categories despite shifting societal and consumer trends:

  • Pet Supplies
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Sports & Outdoor
  • Patio & Garden
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Baby & Toddler

These categories also feature a number of subcategories to assist your Amazon firm in locating a niche and figuring out what will be the simplest to source, supply, and ship over time.

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies, especially those advertised for cats and dogs, are among the top items to sell on Amazon FBA.

Leashes, collars, and harnesses are frequently used as high-selling items or as profitable products kinds, and this pattern should continue into 2022, especially given that more people now own pets as a result of people spending more time at home in 2020.

Following nine percent growth in September and six percent growth in June of the same year, the number of pet owners climbed by 10% as of December 2020.

There are other things to think about besides only dog and cat supplies for pets. You can enter a less crowded market and build a devoted following by specializing in a particular area of this category, such as fish aquariums or maintenance goods.

Home & Kitchen

Consumers increased their time in the kitchen in 2020 and into 2021 in addition to putting in more hours at home with their pets.

The popularity of Amazon FBA products in this area increased with the rise in baking, cooking, and plant-care activities. These frequently used items—cooking sheets, pots, pans, plant stands, and indoor plant food—are always in demand.

The change in seasons also motivates people to replace their bedding and get their houses ready for new weather in terms of the rest of the house.

For instance, as winter approaches, bed pillows and sheet sets are frequently this category’s biggest sellers. As kids travel off to college and need bedding for their dorm rooms, sales also tend to increase toward the end of the summer.

Sports & Outdoor

During the spring and summer, sports and outdoor-related items frequently sell more quickly.

As individuals get ready for outdoor activities, there is an increase in sales when the longer days and nicer weather encourage more people to go outside.

When deciding which things to sell, it’s crucial to keep seasonality in mind.

Track your inventory to determine which items and when you are selling the best. Offerings that transcend seasonality and are required all year long are the finest Amazon FBA products.

By including particular things on your list as these months draw near, you can take advantage of seasonal and holiday trends.

Patio & Garden

The top sales in the Patio & Garden category fluctuate with the seasons, just like those in the Sports & Outdoor category. During the hot months, food and insecticides are frequently the best-selling goods, although fall is when pool winterizing treatments are more widely used.

Keeping up with e-commerce trends for this product area is similar to changing out the displays in physical stores.

Even though you might always have stock on hand, depending on when a particular item sells the most, you might promote it more.

Wellness & Personal Care

The health and personal care category include a wide range of goods, from vitamins and wellness to skincare and shaving. For instance, wellness is a 1.5 trillion dollar sector that will continue to expand by 5–10% annually.

Furthermore, wellness now encompasses not only physical activity and a good diet but also general mental and physical health as well as aesthetics. Home massagers, essential oil diffusers, makeup bags, and first aid kits are a few of the top sellers in this category on Amazon.

Even if they don’t look fascinating, everyday goods guarantee long-term sustainable sales. For instance, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash are frequently included among Amazon’s greatest sellers. No of your age, they fall under the category of personal care items that everyone requires.

Baby & Toddler

In the Baby & Toddler category, bibs and baby blankets are perennial best-sellers. Parents are logical candidates for Amazon’s rapid, free shipping since they require things at a competitive price supplied quickly.

It can help your sales increase steadily by designing a storefront that satisfies the constant demand for everyday goods.

Final Note

In order to build and grow a profitable firm, it is imperative to understand product trends.

No matter the category you select, be sure to know which products are selling well, how the market is currently structured, and what potential future trends might be.

To help you choose some of the greatest categories to start with, use the advice provided in this article.

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