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Best Print-on-Demand Products With High-Profit Margin

Want to start your own print-on-demand business? – Here are the products with highest profit margins.




Probably the only thing that comes to your mind when you start to think about print-on-demand is printing on t-shirts. However, the truth is that you have access to a wide variety of different items for print-on-demand.

T-shirts don’t really have a high-profit margin, despite being the most popular item in the print-on-demand market and where most individuals start when learning about the technology.

After all of their fees have been deducted, you are probably only making $2–$3 for each t-shirt sold if you are selling through a third-party website like Redbubble, Teespring, or Merch by Amazon instead of your own website.

How many t-shirts will you need to sell to reach your desired financial goal with profit margins like that?

To invest so much time and effort for such little payoff is simply absurd. Let’s discuss whether print-on-demand products can generate twice as much revenue as t-shirts, three times as much revenue, or perhaps more.

Most Marketable Print-On-Demand Items for Huge Profits


The second product has a cheap base cost but has the potential for extremely high-profit margins: printing art onto canvas.

For their homes and workplaces, people are prepared to spend a lot of cash on art since it’s beautiful, helps spark creativity in those who view it, and, most significantly, it’s an emotional buy.

People are moved by art, and if that sensation resonates with them, they will likely purchase the piece regardless of its price. Prints with various kinds of typography are very common with canvas painting. Therefore, the artwork includes words or quotes that are uplifting or motivating.

If you’re not the conventional “artist” who would produce sketches or paintings, this form of artwork is also fantastic for you.


For anyone looking to unwind, be comfortable, and simply relax around the household or go out to run errands, that sort of thing, athletic or lounge clothing, especially leggings, has very well taken the place of the conventional dress code these days.

Leggings are a popular product offered by many print-on-demand businesses, and what’s nice about them is that they’re one of the goods you can do all over printing on.

In order to print your design on a t-shirt, for instance, you must place it in a specified location on the front or back of the garment. Your design will not be printed and will be chopped off if it is outside of this range.

Skateboard Wall Art

A very famous activity is skateboarding. Recently, it also evolved into wall art. The skateboard wall art will be difficult for people to resist if they have a connection to the sport.

Hooded Blankets

To be really honest, whatever the occasion, there is nothing better than a warm blanket to cuddle up with. Ensure that you are as warm and comfortable as you would be in a loved one’s embrace.

When you’re relaxing at home or even outside, a hooded blanket has plenty of space and deep pockets for your wallets, phones, and other items. For those pleasant feelings, they are ideal.

Car Seat Covers

According to the most recent figures, 91.3% of US households said they had access to at least one automobile. In 2018, 292 million passenger automobiles were registered across all of Europe.

The world’s population is at 7.6 billion (and rapidly increasing), yet with an estimated 1.4 billion automobiles on the road, the vehicle saturation rate is currently 18%.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Nowadays, people spend much of their time at home and are idle. Playing jigsaw puzzles together is such a unique and special activity to do with loved ones.

This product’s charm is its ability to produce puzzles that are engaging. The number of pieces needed to make a puzzle can range from fewer to as many as 4000. Publish puzzles with a theme and charge extra.

Make a connection with a designer at Behance or Dribble to acquire a great design and produce fun and intriguing puzzles. People can also add personal photos to make them uniquely theirs.

Pet Beds

Pets are life partners to their owners and mean a lot to them, according to a report from Worldwide Newswire Forecast, which forecasts that the global pet care industry will reach $358.62 billion by 2027.

It is well known that consumers spend more money on goods for their pets. You may even open a specialty shop that sells only pet supplies.

Pet beds—also known as soothing beds—are supposed to offer orthopedic support for comforting and easing joint pain. For a cat or dog, they make a cozy environment.

Final Note

The fact that it’s a terrific business model for getting started in e-commerce will not really matter if you’re not tech competent or utterly new to it. It only takes a little time to register for an e-commerce platform, produce a few designs, and post them to your store.

Engage in long-term marketing initiatives and business strategies, concentrate on the items that increase sales and traffic, and ensure that your profit margins are sufficient to pay your advertising expenses.

Finding the precise styles and items that your niche will enjoy will take some time. Be patient, experiment with different ideas, and take note of what hasn’t worked for you. Enjoy yourself above all else!

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