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Do I Have to Be Verified to Make Money On TikTok

Does the blue check has anything to do with your TIkTok monetization? – Let’s find out.




Does Tik Tok require verification in order to earn money? First off, there is no regulation stating that you must obtain the verification badge in order to begin earning money on TikTok.

However, it is well known that having more influence and followers boosts your chances of securing profitable brand deals.

Additionally, your chances of being verified increase as you earn more influence and followers. So, in order to earn money on Tiktok, must you be verified?

No, being verified is not required to earn money on Tiktok.

Although verification is not required to make money on Tiktok, the higher the quality of your account, the more you can make.

What is TikTok?

The fastest-growing social networking platform in the world is TikTok. It’s an app that enables you to make and share entertaining content using videos and music.

The platform has completely overtaken the social media landscape. Since its launch, the app store has had over 1.5 billion downloads, and there are currently more than 800 million active users each month.

What Is Required For Tik Tok Verification?

In a similar manner to how you may on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you cannot ask for verification. Instead, TikTok has established tight guidelines created by their Creator Launch Team, which is in charge of granting the blue badge to worthy individuals.

The Creator Launch Team’s go-to expert on TikTok, Rachel Pederson, highlighted some of the verification standards, including:

Daily Increase In Followers

How many followers on TikTok do you need to get verified at this point is a common question. It’s recommended to have 500 to 2000 additional followers daily. You must, in essence, be winning over new followers every day.

 If you already have many followers on other social media platforms, make sure to point them toward your TikTok account and get them to follow you there.

Longer Watch Intervals

The amount of time people spend seeing your content is an important additional metric. Making videos that viewers want to finish watching or return to repeatedly could help increase this number. Your audience can grow by using looping videos.

Viral Content

If you consistently provide popular content, you might get confirmed. Create engaging films to increase the number of likes, comments, and shares.

What Advantages Come With Tik Tok Verification?

You should put getting that TikTok Verified Badge at the top of your priority list for a number of reasons:


Upon verification, TikTok will formally recognize your account as a recognized thought leader, enhancing your reputation across the web.


After your profile has been verified, your content will seem more authentic and legitimate since followers will believe they are speaking with a real person.

Increased Visibility

Verified material is more likely to be seen by users since the platform knows that they are interested in it and since the TikTok system favors it.

More Credibility

The user’s reach is increased when followers are aware of who is behind the account since they are more likely to trust it and spread the material.

How Can You Improve Your Chances Of Getting Your TikTok Account Verified?

Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to obtain a TikTok Verified Badge because TikTok’s official certification process isn’t entirely apparent.

There are a few things you may do to shift the scales in your favor rather than relying on wishful thinking. Follow these tips to increase your chances of being verified!

Create Regular And Engaging Content

One of TikTok’s most helpful features is the “For You” tab, which logically arranges your videos. But the more entertaining your films are, the more likely it is that your viewers will recommend them to their friends. Additionally, you are more likely to be validated the more they share.

Check Your Account On Additional Social Media Platforms

The blue checkmark functions as a rubber stamp on your other social networks, so getting it on those sites may improve your chances of getting it on TikTok.

On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can ask for the verification badge, which greatly simplifies things. It’s advised that you try to get verified on these other platforms if you haven’t already. More is always better!

Obey The Rules

TikTok verifies accounts to ensure they adhere to its community rules and terms of service. If you violate these rules, the moderators will flag you, and your chances of getting confirmed are significantly diminished.

How Can You Monetize Your TikTok Account?

First, is it possible to earn money on TikTok without being verified? Yes. On TikTok, there are so many different methods to earn money. Here are a few examples.

Being A TikTok Influencer

You must be wondering if one needs millions of followers on TikTok to be considered an influencer. Although numbers are significant, marketers don’t choose influencers based on their following counts.

The majority of firms are worried about how actively involved their followers are. Even with only 20,000 followers, it is possible to have a more engaged audience than an influencer with 100,000.

Develop And Market TikTok Accounts

The tactic is already in use on Instagram, so TikTok users might copy it. Pick a topic that interests you and create excellent content around it to get the ball rolling. You may sell that profile to businesses in that specialized market after it gains a desired following.

Final Note

Do you need to be verified to earn money on TikTok if your goal is to earn money as a TikToker? No, is the response. Verification, however, has some advantages. And as you can see, TikTok offers a variety of ways to make money.

You have several choices for generating revenue with your creativity and abilities by submitting videos on this network. Continue creating top-notch content for your niche to attract influencer endorsements and other profitable opportunities.

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