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How Much Money Can You Earn on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular short-form video format social media where you can make a lot of money.




TikTok has developed into one of the apps with the highest growth rate in recent memory, surpassing the 1 billion active user mark in 2021. In 2017, a Chinese company called ByteDance released it abroad.

The popularity of the app led to ByteDance’s valuation reaching $400 billion last autumn, according to the South China Morning Post.

Some of TikTok’s most well-known users are also quite successful financially. According to Forbes, savvy TikTokers who profited from the app’s success gained more than $55.5 million in total in 2016.

For every 1,000 views of your video, you can make up to 4 cents. If your video has a million views, you might therefore get up to $40.With that said, this metric depends on many factors and can vary from creator to creator.

How Much Money Are TikTokers Making?

The main focus of TikTok is the 15-second short videos that users may produce and share. The highest engagement rates are typically seen among TikTokers who produce engaging material, frequently incorporating dance and music.

Although there are accounts dedicated to a number of subjects, including personal finance, TikTok is more than just a dancing and music app.

To qualify for the TikTok Creator Fund, which enables creators to monetize their material, TikTokers must have at least 100k followers and at least 100k views in the preceding 30 days.

Those who have more than 1 million followers will prosper the most. Due to a variety of circumstances, including locations and points of view, the variety of how much TikTokers earn will vary.

How Much Does TikTok Offer Every Sponsorship?

TikTok celebrities take advantage of their fan base to earn money by selling their own goods and endorsing other businesses. It all depends on how well-liked you are and who your target market is.

According to Forbes, a TikToker may earn around $100,000 and $250,000 for a sponsored video, with celebrities earning up to $500,000 for each post.

Your earnings are determined by the number of TikTok followers and your engagement rate, which measures how often users connect with your account by liking and commenting on your short videos.

How Can I Expand My Account on TikTok?

Create branded clips and sponsored videos on TikTok to make more money the more followers you have. Your chances of reaching high-earner status are better the bigger and more engaged your fan base is.

You can take action to increase the number of your TikTok followers. The catch is that while the techniques are simple, becoming a high earner takes time. It takes perseverance, tolerance, and effort to grow your TikTok audience.

Consider the following advice to boost your TikTok revenue potential and attract more followers.

Identify Your Target

Based on your interests and skills, determine the target audience for your short videos. There is a lot of competition on the web, so don’t be too general. Your chances of attracting a following can be improved by concentrating on a more specific specialty.

Create A Profile

Once you’ve identified your niche, develop a profile that speaks to it. When building up your account, maintain your target follower in mind and imagine how you should appear to them.

Make Unique Videos

Making videos that stand out from competitors is the key to gaining a following. Make sure your films have a consistent tone so that your viewers will recognize you.

Make sure your viewers find your videos intriguing. It’s a smart move to invite loved ones, close friends, or other TikTokers to watch and comment on your video.

Their helpful criticism could alter your perspective or highlight problems you might have missed but should address.

Post Videos Regularly And Frequently

Post videos frequently to keep your audience interested. It’s up to you to create a timetable you can stick to; just be sure to consistently publish new footage, so your profile doesn’t appear to be inactive.

If you’re worried that your schedule may get too busy to post often, consider setting aside a few hours each week to create a batch of quick films that you can submit later.


Your audience can see from your active profile that you can create videos that get people to react.

Once you’ve been regularly creating unique content that is suited to your specific niche, don’t forget to engage with your fans. Run contests ask viewers to comment with the names of their friends, and don’t forget to reply to any comments made by others to keep the conversation going.

Advertise Your Videos

Post your videos on other websites. You’ll increase your exposure and encourage people to revisit your TikTok content.

By putting these strategies into practice, you may increase your TikTok following and demonstrate to businesses and potential sponsors that you have a devoted, active, and perhaps valuable consumer base.

Once companies start paying attention to you, understand your worth as a TikToker and set your prices accordingly. You might be able to turn your TikTok character into a full-time company or even simply a side gig.

Final Note

As we’ve seen, freelancers are able to generate a sizeable revenue by utilizing TikTok through live broadcasts, brand partnerships, cross-platform advertising, merchandise sales, offering consultation services, and selling popular accounts.

The regions you work in, the demographics of your audience, and the advertising expenditures you use can all affect your revenue.

With 100K followers and 1M+ followers on the network, you can most likely produce $200 to $1000 monthly and $1000 to $5000 monthly, respectively, according to statistics.

Selling products, offering affiliate links, and advertising your other social media profiles are additional ways to boost these revenues.

Therefore, if you have a talent for making amusing videos, it is worth investing your time in developing your TikTok account because you can always sell the account down the road if you change your mind.

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