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How to Save Money On Food While Staying at Hotels

Food can be costly, and here’s how you to save the budget

Yoga Adi



Do you know what the most expensive cost when traveling? The foods! We know that all the local specialties do look pleasing to the eye. But let’s be real here, those meals may cost a lot. So if you’re planning to do some budget traveling or want to save money on other stuff, it’s always better to reduce the food expense.

Don’t feel terrible, you can still taste the delicacy. But, there are some things you need to compromise. Below are some tips you can do to save money on food while still being able to make your tummy happy. 

Have Breakfast at The Hotel

Some hotels and hostels do offer a free breakfast menu. And if your hotel has it, make sure to not miss the opportunity! Don’t worry about the cost as the menu is usually free (included in the hotel costs). Having your tummy filled in the morning may prevent the desire to eat more in your travel. 

Although most tourists would avoid taking breakfast as they want to feel the authentic breakfast menu in their destination, at least it’s one of the good ways to save money on food. Don’t worry about it, take as many as you need.

Make Use of The Kitchen

Does your hotel room have a kitchen? If you’re traveling to large towns or major cities, you may find some hotels that are complete with your own personal kitchen. They would have a full stove, which you may use to cook some foods for lunch or dinner. As for the refrigerator, you may also use it to store drinks or snacks you get during your travels.

The best strategy to save money on food is by cooking the meals yourself. Buy the groceries and other ingredients from the local markets, and go back to the hotel to cook for tomorrow. The result is a nicely packed meal you can carry around during your travel. 

Simpler menus would be enough, as long as the nutrients are in proportion. It could also be a fun activity that you and your friends can do at the hotel. Do remember that some ingredients may spoil quickly, so be sure to only buy some that can last for quite a long time. 

But if your hotel doesn’t have a kitchenette, you may consider having an upgrade if the price is still reasonable. By spending a little, you could save a lot more for the rest of your traveling days. 

Visit Restaurants Around Local Market

Restaurants and shops in tourist zones can be pretty costly. Thus, you need to look for another place where you can find delicious authentic meals at budget prices. The place we’re talking about is the local markets. 

Smaller restaurants around the market are the place where you can enjoy local meals that are rich in authentic taste. The prices are way more affordable than luxury restaurants, yet you could still able to enjoy a good culinary experience you’d never forget. 

If they don’t include the prices on the menu, be sure to ask them about it. Usually, they would be pretty open about it despite the language barrier. 

Get The Extra Deals for Lunch

If you want to save money on food during your travel, you may go all-out during lunch instead of dinner. Dinner is the time when everything might get expensive. On the other hand, the afternoon is the moment when restaurants or cafes would give special offers specifically for the lunch menus. Although the kind of menu is the same, you can get them cheaper.

Later on, you’ll be on a journey to hunt for some bakeries. Visit them during the late afternoon where you can get pretty similar deals because they need to sell as many baked goods as possible before the closing. 

Always Carry Your Water Bottle

Walking is inseparable from traveling. As you go somewhere, you would spend the time walking, a method that most tourists consider the best as it doesn’t cost anything and may possibly make you healthier. 

For that reason, it’s essential to keep yourself hydrated, especially in locations where the temperature gets hotter. To save money on drinks, get your own water bottle. There are countries where you can get water for free, even the tap water is consumable.


Doing this would save you a lot of money as the prices of the drinks might get expensive in tourist areas. So it’s always better to carry around a water bottle and use it whenever necessary.


Saving money on food doesn’t mean eliminating one of the most fun experiences of traveling. You can still have fun by compromising on several things, like:

  • Having breakfast at the hotel
  • Cook something
  • Visit smaller restaurants
  • Get extra lunch deals
  • Carry a personal water bottle

With these tips, you may effectively cut the expense of food, which costs a lot. Stay safe and enjoy your trip!

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