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How to Start a “No Face” YouTube Automation Channel and Earn Passive Ad Revenue Guide

Wondering if starting a YouTube Channel without showing your face is worth it? – Let’s find out.




Today, you can definitely earn money on YouTube without going showing your face! In this article, we will give you video ideas and EXAMPLES of ideas for money-making YouTube videos without revealing your identity.

You may monetize your YouTube channel in complete secrecy with the help of these faceless video ideas!

This video is for you if you’ve been putting off creating a YouTube channel because you were concerned about having to be a personality on camera.

For people who want to start on YouTube without revealing their identity or being public on the platform, these video ideas that don’t show your face are fantastic choices. If you like to create material that is fully distant from yourself, some of these video ideas do not really involve your voice.

6 YouTube Video Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Here are the six YouTube video concepts mentioned in the video that you can create without revealing your identity.

How To Videos

The main function of YouTube is as a search engine. Google is the search engine with the second-highest usage. Every day, people utilize it to look for instructions for various tasks.

This indicates that how-to videos are quite popular and cater to a large audience that is continuously looking for them. You may create how-to films on a variety of subjects without displaying your face.

Software how-to videos are my personal favorites and the most popular in this category. In these, I demonstrate how to use certain software to accomplish a goal. These movies typically guide viewers step-by-step through a process.

For the majority of topics, YouTube has an abundance of how-to videos. In order to create videos for such folks and achieve long-term success, you might look for underserved areas where how-to queries are not addressed.

Tutorial Videos

Since tutorial videos are instructional in nature, they are comparable to how-to videos. They frequently focus on searches because many people look for instructions on how to manufacture or do specific tasks.

Tutorials frequently take the user step-by-step through a project or job. Craft tutorial videos are my favorites in this genre because I make and enjoy watching them. These craft lesson videos can show someone how to start a project from scratch and what materials they’ll need.

Slideshow Videos

Videos with slide shows can be made quite quickly. At their simplest, they are merely a slideshow. To create a mood, you can make a slideshow and then add either your voice reading or just music.

By definition, slide shows are about the information on the slides. This implies that if you don’t want to display your face in the video, they are a great option. I enjoy creating photo slideshows with music that focuses on a particular subject or market.

Compilation Videos

Compilation videos occur in a variety of formats, but they all consist of combining several smaller videos into one larger one.

There are entire business models centered around compilation videos that employ user-generated content, and these videos have made certain YouTube channels quite popular. Compilations of humorous pet videos or fail videos are a couple of examples.

You can create compilation videos with the content of other people as well as if you have any, your own. You can produce videos without your face that are sure to receive a ton of views in any case.

Unboxing Videos

For those who prefer to remain anonymous on YouTube, this type of video is an additional viable choice. Videos of unboxing naturally do not need to include faces because the attention is on the item being unboxed. A great unboxing video may be made using only your hands.

The only drawback is that if this is your only kind of content, you can run out of stuff to unbox. Unboxing videos are probably one of several genres of videos you would want to attempt producing without revealing your face.

Haul Videos

Although haul videos often focus on personality-driven channels, they can also be made without revealing your face. The secret to these haul films is to keep the attention on the things being hauled.

The most popular haul videos will be quite specialized and narrowly focused, as opposed to being wide. It would be best if you gave lots of information on the merchandise and high-quality close-ups. You won’t need to appear on camera because the emphasis will be on the objects rather than you because they will be the subject of less attention.

Can You Monetize Your YouTube Channel Without Revealing Your Face?

That is a considerable sum of money to make solely from advertisements without ever having to reveal your face. And that doesn’t even include the revenue from affiliate marketing or the paid videos on this channel.

More important than whether you appear on camera is the style of video you produce and your capacity to engage or educate your audience. You can earn money on YouTube by creating content that benefits viewers in some way; however, this does not require that you appear in the video.

But be careful—youtube isn’t a fast-money source. In order to reach a point where the income is sustainable and sufficient to replace a creator’s full-time job, it frequently takes months or even years of hard labor.

Final Note

Simply put, this means that you should be honest about the potential earnings when you start producing YouTube videos. You won’t produce much at first, and this stage may take a while.

You can produce content for months or years without getting paid. For at least six months, I produced videos without getting paid anything. It’s critical to keep in mind that earning money via YouTube takes time.

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