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Top 10 Promising Projects That Will Survive the Crypto Winter

In this article, we will talk about the top 10 promising projects that will survive the winter crypto market and thrive in the next couple of years

Dean Jovceski



We all want a place we can stick our money during crypto winter and expect that investment will pay off. When investing you can choose to invest in bigger or smaller projects. Bigger projects tend to be less volatile, and less risky, but with smaller rewards. Small projects are more volatile, and riskier, but with higher rewards.

Surviving the Crypto winter. Top 10 promising projects

Here is our list of projects that we expect to survive the crypto winter and be successful in the next Bull Run.  


Aave is a liquidity protocol that allows people to lend and borrow crypto. It first launched in 2017 as ETH LEND, but a year later it changed its name to Ave.

Aave has already survived one of the worst winters the crypto market has ever had. Then it went on to become one of the biggest crypto protocols on the market.

At one time Aave had a market cap of 7 million and a price of less than a cent. Today its price is over $100 with a market cap of 1.4 billion. We are pretty sure that Aave won’t have any problems surviving the winter.


This is a very small project. It is a protocol that strategically acquires governance rights over other protocols. Then it utilizes the majority of governance to build out ecosystems that can benefit sphere.

Sphere is like the hostile takeover crypto protocol. It is building really slowly and strategically in the polygon ecosystem. Surprisingly the attempt to take over the liquidity over polygon is working.

So far the sphere ecosystem includes tattoo. Tattoo is an asset management system sphere currently uses for its quantum liquidity. Also, it uses dystopia, the polygon version of the curve providing for deep liquidity and Penrose fighting the majority governance over dystopia.


These are built by the same team and have the same exact concept. They only have different executions. Basically, the purpose of these projects is NFTs as video game items.

They have been building their platform since the last crypto winter, even before NFTs were popular. NFTs in the play to earn space will be getting more and more popular and these projects will have the advantage of being the first movers in the space.


Ethereum has a big merge even coming quickly. The merge will switch Ethereum from being proof-of-work to being proof-of-stake. This will flip the token from being inflationary to deflationary.  

One of the biggest problems with Ethereum is the high gas fees which even with the merge will stay the same.

Ethereum is one of the oldest and safest projects in the crypto space and will definitely survive the winter with no problem at all.


Polygon is sort of a hybrid blockchain that is built on top of Ethereum. It has all the security benefits from Ethereum with really small gas fees.

The opportunity of buying polygon will increase after the merger of Ethereum because the price of Ethereum will go up. This will force people to look for a secondary option which is the polygon.


Curve crypto is the king of liquidity in crypto. It is in a game of its own. This is a big bonus because the most stable coins are the ones with high liquidity.

Also, curve crypto is the best platform in the space for low slippage and we just don’t see curve going anywhere anytime soon.


Binance has really low fees and it is a go-to platform for crypto digits. It has some pretty solid projects on the platform. After Ethereum, it has the highest total value locked. This means that they have a lot of money in the ecosystem. They have over 9 billion dollars currently circulating in the ecosystem.


The goal of Olympus is to be the decentralized reserve currency. In the last year, it gained a lot of popularity which lead to increasing its price.

Olympus is the most copied project of all time, which lead the project to almost collapse. Even after this, they continued to build the project and work on stabilizing the price. The potential of Olympus reaching a higher market cap is really big.


The purpose of Cosmos was to solve the blockchain interoperability. This will allow blockchains to talk to each other. Cosmos achieved this mission and continued to expand and build blockchains. Networks like Cronos and Binance are built with Cosmos.

We think that more and more blockchains will want to jump into this giant ecosystem that is forming with Cosmos space.


This is the king of crypto. Bitcoin will definitely be one of the survivors of the crypto winter. If you want to store your money somewhere in the crypto market this is probably the safest place.

It is expected that Bitcoin will climb to an all-time high in the next couple of years with its price going up to more than $100.000 for one Bitcoin.  

This is our top 10 choice, but as always be sure to do your own research before deciding to invest.

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This is Dean and he is a former banker with a passion for writing. He has Bachelor’s degree in Economics and an FCE English level certificate. Dean is an honest person looking for long-term partners and always giving clients more than they expect.

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