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Top 10 Rules For Success to Follow from Bill Gates




Success is something that people pursue all their lives. But what if we tell you that there are rules for success you need to follow that will make the process much easier?

Your path to success depends on your qualifications, goals, right mindset, etc. Sometimes, people cannot succeed just because they didn’t optimize their minds.

People don’t realize that by following daily habits and rules for success, you can change your mindset and achieve your dreams.

Bill Gates has become of the richest men in the world, and he did that by following the simple rules for success. His current net worth is over 110 billion USD, which makes him the second-wealthiest person in the world just behind Jeff Bezos.

It is essential to understand that you don’t need to go to college to be successful. In fact, Gates enrolled at Harvard University back in 73′ but dropped out of college two years later to pursue his dream (Microsoft).

Education will give you a lot of advantages in the business world, but it doesn’t define whether you are going to be successful or not.

Bill Gates is one leading icon in the business world, and he has donated over 30 billion USD in good causes.

Alongside Microsoft, he has many other successful business projects such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other business investments that you’ve probably never heard about.

Bill Gates’s current stock portfolio looks impressive.

He owns shares in some of the biggest companies in the world, such as:

  • Apple Inc.;
  • Inc.;
  • Alibaba Group Holding Ltd;
  • Alphabet Inc.;
  • Twitter Inc.;
  • Walmart Inc.;
  • The Coca-Cola Company;

And much more!

These are Bill’s top 10 stocks in percentage, so we can see his diversification strategy.

Obviously, Gates is very successful. This begs the question of how to become successful just like him.

Rules for Success

We can see that Bill Gates is just an ordinary man who devoted his life to self-improvement. This means that everyone can be successful if they really want to work hard for it.

Let’s go through the 10 rules for success that Bill Gates thinks are essential.

Be Energetic

As we mentioned, Gates is an ordinary man who was worried that his company would go bankrupt, just as many of us fear. He was concerned about not having enough money to pay employees, especially when you are doing business at a time when customers can face difficulty paying in time or at all.

Therefore, one of the crucial rules for being successful, according to Bill Gates, is to be energetic. Since you are starting your own company, you have to have enough energy and passion that will lead you through this process.

Work Hard

At this point, you might think that working hard is an obvious rule for being successful. However, most people decide to quit when the situation gets tougher. Bill Gates mentioned that free time for him is a commodity, and most of his days, nights and even weekends are filled with meetings.

Additionally, he travels around the world, meeting new customers, and getting their feedback. Working hard is necessary if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. No free-time is a sacrifice that most successful people need to go through.

However, overworking is another thing you need to pay attention to. No human could live on constant high-pace action, and we all need time when we will rest our thoughts.

bill gates favorite books

Bill usually takes two weeks per year outside of his daily business routine. During these two weeks, he spends most of his time thinking about the future, relaxing, and reading books.

Enjoy the Process

If you want to be good at something, you have to enjoy doing it. In a recent interview, Bill Gates said that a large part of his success comes from enjoying the process. He said that he likes to be around smart people working on new problems, and it is the only thing that keeps him going. This is one of his top priorities in the rules for success.

When you are building a business, you will face a lot of problems. Solving those problems require strong will, passion, and hard work. Remember, the problems will get even more significant when your business starts to grow, so the only way to go through it is if you have stamina. If we take a closer look, your passion, and stamina and directly connected.

This means that you should choose to work on the thing that makes you happy. For example, if you feel passionate about starting an internet business, you should go for it!

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Ask for Advice

Everyone needs somebody to talk to when they come up with a new idea. Bill Gates shares ideas with a small number of people when he is not entirely sure about them. Bill also mentioned that over-excitement could lead you to make bad decisions. That’s why it is important to ask for advice when you are facing such things.

After all, building a company is about teamwork, and you cannot do it yourself. This leads to the next important rule for success from Bill Gates.

Pick The Right People

One of the best business decisions you can make is surrounding yourself with the right people. When it comes to Bill Gates, going into partnership with Steve Ballmer and Paul Allen is one of the best business decisions in his life.

You should pick people that you can trust and who are very committed to executing your vision, but also have a different set of skills, said Bill Gates. They should also be open-minded and act as a check for your business decisions and ideas.

Don’t Leave it To The Last Minute

As a student, Bill was labeled as the guy who did nothing until the last minute. At that time, Bill thought it was funny, but later on, when he entered the business world, he found out that this habit is one of the worst things you can have.

You have to be prepared for everything. Since you will be dealing with a lot of problems, leaving them to the last minute will result in not having such a permanent solution that leads to more significant issues. We live in a dynamic world where things change very fast, so it is necessary to get things done as soon as possible.

Don’t Forget About Humor

bill gates ice bucket challenge

Even though you are dealing with complicated problems that need precise decisions, you shouldn’t forget about humor. Bill Gates participated in a lot of commercials and videos that may look silly, but he doesn’t mind that, especially when it is for a good cause. Humor can give you positive energy that can be used for making your business even more successful.

Final Thoughts

As an entrepreneur, you are probably asking yourself whether or not you have the right thing to be successful. The answer is YES! Successful people are slowly building their empire and never forget about self-improvement. Your business journey will be based on constant learning and coming up with innovative solutions.

Bill Gates has used this rule to lead Microsoft in the golden era in software. It is important to understand that his journey wasn’t like a fertile. He experienced a lot of ups and downs and challenging situations, but by following these simple rules for success he managed and became one of the wealthiest men in the world.

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