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What is the Advantage of Starting to Invest at a Young Age

Wondering whether or not to start investing at a young age? – These benefits will help you make up your mind.




Many young individuals find it more convenient to delay making any investment decisions until their financial situation is, hypothetically speaking, more stable.

However, even with student loan debt and low earnings, twenty-somethings are actually in a good position to enter the investing world.

7 Benefits of Investing at an Early Age


Despite having few resources, young individuals do have one advantage: time. The magic of compounding allows investors to build wealth over time and only needs two things: the reinvestment of earnings and time.

There is a reason that Albert Einstein referred to compounding—the ability to expand investment by reinvested earnings—as “the eighth wonder of the world.

Based on a 5% interest rate, a single $10,000 investment made at age 20 would have increased to more than $70,000 by the time the investor was 60.

At age 30, a $10,000 investment would return around $43,000; however, at age 40, it would only return $26,000. More wealth can be created by investing money for a longer period of time.

Pro Tip: Here is a guide on How to Save $10,000 that can be used for investing.

Early Financial Independence

You will probably be dissatisfied if you expect the money from your 9 to 5 job to set you up financially.

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of the 100 millionaires surveyed who were also interviewed have multiple sustainable sources of income. Many of these come from investments in financial instruments, buildings, or businesses, as well as dividends, rentals, and capital gains.

To be more precise, these individuals did not get wealthy through receiving huge wages. They achieved success by prudently and sensibly investing their income in a variety of assets. After that, they invested in their profits, which led to long-term success.

Therefore, it is not unexpected that if you start investing while you are young. After a while, you will eventually find yourself becoming less and less dependent on your salary to survive. Unlike the majority of your friends, you will be financially ready to retire or enter semi-retirement earlier.

Greater Risk-Taking

The level of risk an investor may tolerate depends on their age. Young people may afford to take on more risk in their financial activities since they have years of earning potential ahead of them.

Retirement-age investors may favor low-risk or risk-free investments like Treasuries and certificates of deposit (CDs). On the other hand, young adults can create more aggressive portfolios that are more volatile but have the potential to generate higher returns.

Study By Doing

Young investors can study investing and learn from their triumphs and failures since they have the freedom and leisure to do so. Young folks have an advantage since they have years to study the markets and hone their investing techniques.

This is because investing has a rather steep learning curve. Younger investors can avoid costly investment errors because they have the time to recover, just as they can tolerate higher levels of risk.

Knowledgeable About Technology

Because they are digitally literate, members of the younger generation can learn, explore, and use online investment tools and approaches.

Online trading platforms, chat forums, and financial and educational websites all offer a wealth of chances for both fundamental and technical analysis.

A young investor’s knowledge base, experience, confidence, and skill can all be enhanced by technology, including online opportunities, social media, and applications.

Human Resources

From a person’s standpoint, human capital can be defined as the present value of all future wages. Investment in yourself by obtaining a degree, receiving on-the-job training, or gaining advanced skills. This is a worthwhile investment with the potential for high returns since the capacity to create income is essential to investing and saving for retirement.

Taking advantage of these possibilities might be seen as one of the many types of investment because young people frequently have different opportunities to improve their capacity to earn greater future pay.

Learn Valuable Life Lessons

This may be the most significant justification on this list. Being a competent investor requires years of constant learning. You will go through a range of experiences over that time that will teach you a lot more than just how to invest.

They may even change your personality and help you become a more mature person overall. Also, you will be more open to such profound changes when you are younger.

Things You’ll Discover Through Investing:

  • The Secret Is To Be Patient. It is preferable to sit back and do nothing while the stock market is experiencing extreme volatility than to take action. You’ll develop the ability to think clearly and without fear.

Finally. you will become more sensible as a result of these experiences as opposed to being led by animal instinct. In a market where there is a great deal of anxiety, panic selling nearly always results in violence.

  • Never Take Anything For Granted In Life. You will make some significant earnings when circumstances are good, but occasionally you will have a shock. Unfavorable occurrences, like the COVID-19 pandemic, can cause the market to lose more than 30% of its value in a matter of days.

This is actually extremely representative of a person’s life, in which there will be many happy days interspersed with terrible incidents. You must have the fortitude to get back up and keep going because recuperation will inevitably follow.

Final Note

Making well-planned investments is not just for retirement savings. Many investments, like those in dividend-paying equities, can sustain an income flow during the course of the investment.

Twenty-year-olds have certain undeniable benefits over those who wait to start investing. This includes time, the capacity to withstand more risk, and the potential for raising future earnings. Starting early is advantageous, even if you have to start little.

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