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Will Investing Make You Rich?




Will investing make you rich? The simple answer to this question is yes. Trying to build a portfolio of investments that will outperform inflation and possibly multiply your profits can secure you a better future.

This article will cover all the questions regarding investing in 2022 and all the things that can help you build a better financial future.

What Is Investing?

Investing means allocating available resources to something to gain a future profit return. It means spending or sacrificing your time, money, and effort to get something meaningful in return. And thereby make a colossal profit or build an asset in the future. In finance, an investor spends his money on different assets to make ten times more money out of it.

For example, if you understand how investing in real estate works, you can buy a dilapidated house at a low price and renovate it. Then you wait for a couple of years patiently without gaining a single penny in return. Furthermore, you can sell it for five times the amount you invested in the house when the time is right. Or maybe ten, who knows!

Moreover, if you are an excellent real estate investor, you may even rebuild it into a hotel or restaurant and start a business. If you do this, you will be able to earn the money you invested in it and generate solid passive income in the years to come.

What Are The Different Types Of Investments?

When you are ready to start investing your hard-earned money, you will most likely be faced with a dozen choices. Moreover, if you like, you can consider reading up on the investment trends in 2022 to get a better idea of what to do next. In addition to this, we have summed up the major investments you can make.

Will investing make you rich


Stocks in the finance industry refer to the shares of a company. By virtue of owning a stock, you will become one of the owners. Moreover, if you buy one share at a base price, you will get a fraction of its ownership. On the other hand, if you invest in many shares, your stake increases, and you get to vote in important decisions.

Pros: Returns on investment, easy to buy and sell stocks, available for short and long term.

Cons: High risk, especially when you have more than one stock and require years to get ROI.


The word bond sounds very similar to bind and also means somewhat similar. In financial terms, they refer to a loan given by the investor to a company or the government. Usually, one can invest in bonds in mutual funds, banks and corporates. The reason is that they have a set date to give out salaries and bonuses and need money for their day-to-day expenses.

Pros: Bond investors enjoy a certain degree of security from the government and the company. Moreover, investors see them as a safer method than stocks which is completely at the mercy of the market fluctuations.

Cons: Have to give advance payment to a bank or company in full or half and risk losing interest.


A cryptocurrency is a digital form of money that can exist independently of a bank or central agency. In a sense, it is not a formal model of payment as many central agencies in some countries do not give full permission to use it in their nation. Moreover, there is a massive hype around crypto, making it nothing less than a goldmine.

However, it is digital cash whose transactions are secured with blockchain to protect the details of the transactions of the sender and the receiver. According to, the crypto industry is valued at trillion dollars surpassing nearly every investment currently available.

Pros: Highest returns on investment, tight security due to blockchain technology and easy transaction in the international market.

Cons: Prone to illegal activities, the danger of cybercrimes and no regulation or action from the government. Moreover, at this point, it might be a gamble for those who are novices.

Real Estate

One of the most popular and profitable types of investment is real estate. Unfortunately, it is so common that knowingly or unknowingly, our fathers and forefathers have invested in it without really considering it as an investment. In simple terms, real estate is the land, building, and other immovable natural resources.

Pros: Directly dependent on the country’s inflation, which increases the value of land and rent accordingly.

Cons: Can be taxable. ROI will depend largely on the demand of the place and the population around the area. Moreover, you need to wait for a minimum five-year time when you plan to sell real estate.

Benefits Of Investing

There are several advantages of investing in the assets we mentioned above.

  • First, keeping large sums of money with you in the form of cash can be unsafe and foolish.

It’s almost 2022 and most people today choose the way of the Rich Dad, i.e., making their money work hard for them. And investing is the sure-shot way.

  • Secondly, investing will make you rich through compounding after a few years.

Moreover, investing also gives you a regular income.


Will investing make you rich? If you are still asking yourself this question, you need to understand one thing. Investing is a long-term game that requires a lot of research, analysis, experience and patience. If you have got what it takes, you could be the next Warren Buffet in the world.

Thus, the precise answer to this question: will investing make you rich? It is not a scheme to become a millionaire overnight. The key to becoming a successful investor is to start as early as possible. So, grab some books on finance and begin your journey to become financially literate. It is the second most important thing to succeed at investing.

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