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How to Make Money with Your Phone Without An Investment

There are some ways to make a phone profitable.

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Some would say a smartphone is a gateway to profit. But is it true? Everyone mainly uses their smartphones these days. Whether it’s for playing games or just scrolling social media, the phone has been the device that’s closest to us all. But, do you know what’s better about it? You can make it into a money-making device!

Yes, we understand that it might be confusing to know what is profitable and what is not as there are too many options you might find out there.

So to make things clearer, we’re going to see the top 3 ways you can make money with your phone. Let us start with the first one.


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Freelancing has been one of many great alternatives to gain side income. And what’s better is that you can also do it using your smartphone. According to Moneypenny’s publication in 2020, 77% of self-employed persons use their mobile phones to support their businesses.

It’s become more relevant as smartphones may have the ability to work as a more complicated device, like a desktop for example. With a smartphone, you’re able to make presentations, and schedules, do some video edits, and even code. If you only have a smartphone, no need to worry, you still get the same opportunity to work as a freelancer.

However, although it’s possible to start freelancing using a mobile phone, you need to understand that the career options are limited, following the phone’s limited capabilities. Although it’s a convenient device to use, there are some things that a phone can’t do. But don’t worry, below are some recommendations for freelance jobs you can try.

Freelancing Jobs You Can Do With A Phone

There are many people who use their smartphones are their daily drivers as these devices are more convenient to use due to the smaller screens. Some people do love working on smaller screens rather than larger ones, especially when the job doesn’t require a wider viewing angle.

Although it would be challenging to use only a smartphone, there are a few freelancing career options that are still doable, such as:

  • Social media manager
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Translation
  • Survey respondents
  • Voiceover
  • Background image removal
  • Video editing
  • Article Rewriting
  • Banner Designing

As you can see, freelancing using a smartphone still pretty much works. All you need to do now is to look for the top freelancing platforms you can find, and start join in the network. With dedication and hard work, you may gain a good amount of additional income.

Filling Out Surveys on The Phone

Have you ever filled out some surveys before? A survey is a way for companies or brands to get insight from the people outside their business environment, notably the consumers. By asking these questions, they would give something in return: a little profit.

A Few Tips You Should Know

If you are determined to try filling out the surveys, there are some things you need to know first:

  • Lower your expectations, as the amount is not that big, the little pocket money you might receive would feel less depressing if you lower your expectations.
  • Find the apps that truly pay. When you browse the internet for survey apps, check on the reviews to see the previous users’ experiences. Make sure the app is legitimate.
  • Do it diligently. To gain a noticeable side income from surveys, you could do it on a regular basis. When you’re bored, fill in some surveys.

Sell Your Unused Things

Credits: Pixabay

As we grow older, we tend to have some things that we don’t need anymore. We would send stuff like old books, furniture, or clothes to the basement, and leave them there for God knows how long. Instead of piling them up, what if we can turn these items into a good amount of money by selling them?

Today, you can find lots of recommended marketplace apps that are widely available and used by people. You may install them, and start selling the things you don’t use there. Things you can sell there are basically limitless. You might start selling general items up to the niche stuff, like old DVDs, cameras, books, and unique accessories.

How to Sell Your Old Stuff Quickly Using a Phone

Everyone has the same chance of selling their pre-loved items online. However, sometimes it feels frustrating to be stuck in the waiting game when you get no reply or interaction about the products you’re trying to sell. If that’s the case, there are a few tips to sell your items quickly:

  • Be sure to clean the items first as old items tend to get dirty in times
  • Make sure to take good pictures of them that would catch the customer’s eye.
  • Be true about your products. Describe them as the way they are, and be as detailed as possible


A smartphone could be more than just an entertainment device for those who want to learn and take the opportunity. In summary, here is what you can do to start making money with the mobile phone:

  1. Doing freelancing work that can be done with a smartphone
  2. Taking paid online surveys
  3. Sell unused items on the marketplace apps.

With suitable apps and strategies, there is always a chance to make additional income. Feel free to try any of the above methods, and see which method might work the best for you. Good luck!

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