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10 Ways to Invest in Yourself & Become Successful




We’ve all heard the expression “New Year – New Me,” but surprisingly, not many people live up to the words. These 10 ways to invest in yourself should be your top priority.

Investing in yourself is the best way to improve every section of your life, whether personal or professional. You will be surprised at how much your life would change if you start to follow these 10 ways to invest in yourself.

However, if you want to invest in yourself but don’t have enough money, don’t worry! There are still many ways you can improve your skills without spending a dime.

10 Ways to Invest In Yourself

1# – Read a New Book Every Month

If you look up to the most successful people in the world, they’ve all developed a habit of reading new books every month. Even Bill Gates pointed out that the secret of his success lies in the knowledge he gathered from reading books.

You have to find a particular topic that you are interested in and go into your local library and start the process.

I started reading entrepreneur/success story books five years ago, and my life has changed ever since. I’ve learned new skills, expanded my knowledge on different subjects, and, most importantly, I’ve learned from other people’s mistakes.

Nowadays, you can even get eBooks for free, and it is a shame if you don’t use this opportunity to invest in yourself. Taking 1-2 hours off your day to read a book might be the best investment in your life, which is why this is on the top of our ” 10 ways to invest in yourself ” list.

2# – Take A Free Online Course to Learn a New Skill

There is a common misconception about free courses. If an online course is free, it doesn’t mean that it cannot provide any value to you.

Since we live in digital times, online courses are more accessible than ever before. Plus, we can use technology to our advantage to improve the process of learning.

Learning a new skill is crucial for improving your life. It can also lead to a new career that you didn’t know you have the skills for.

If you are interested in taking an online course but don’t know where to start, here are 1200 Free Online Courses that will definitely make a change in your life.

3# – Eat Healthier Foods

There is nothing more important than our health. Since most people are in the fast-moving machine chasing career goals and making money, it is easy to lose track of your healthy eating habits.

Eating healthy food is one of the best ways you can invest in yourself. You’ll not only feel better but also be more energetic and avoid health problems in the future.

Paying attention to what you eat will have a positive impact on all other areas of your life. So, make sure you learn some nutrition facts and avoid unhealthy food that could lead to more serious problems.

4# – Start a Side Hustle

There is a reason why starting a side business has hit our top 10 ways to invest in yourself list.

Starting a side business is a great way to increase your income and create a gateway to new career opportunities in your life.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online money-making opportunities that don’t take too much of your time but can generate a high income per year.

Try going for a business model that you feel passionate about. That way, you don’t have to waste time learning the procedure and gathering information about the niche.

Also, if you want to focus on your career but still make money on the side, you should go for these passive income business opportunities.

5# – Exercise Daily

As we mentioned earlier, there is nothing better than keeping your body in shape at all times. Exercising is a great way to live healthier and reduce stress so you would feel better.

Following healthy habits is the best way to succeed in the business world.

Daily activity, no matter if it is running, cycling, or exercising at home, can double your productivity throughout the day.

A recent survey by Corley, where they’ve interviewed successful people about their daily habits, shows that 76 percent of the people carve out 30 minutes or more exercise per day.

6# – Work on Your Network

People often forget about the power of their network. Have you heard the quote, “Your network is your net worth“?

Yes, it might sound a bit cringy but it is true.

If you want to succeed in life, you have to build a large network of relationships with other people based on trust.

That’s why you need to contact one new person per week.

Try contacting a new person through email or phone, or maybe even arrange a lunch.

The point is that you would have a better chance of succeeding in each section of your life with help from others. However, don’t forget to return the favor in the future.

7# – Organize Your Home

You might wonder how organizing your home is in our top ” 10 ways to invest in yourself list”, but there is a good reason for that.

First of all, most people live busy lives where they chance careers or other goals, and they forget to pay attention to their living space.

Scientists found out that a messy home can lead to an increase in mental stress and depression, and an inability to focus. If this doesn’t make you declutter your home, I don’t know what is!

If you organize your home and keep everything tidy, you can improve your mental health, and you will be able to focus on other more important problems.

8# – Break Bad Habits

None of us is perfect. We all have flaws and bad habits that we are trying to get rid of for a long time.

You have to understand that bad habits can prevent you from accomplishing your goals. Additionally, they jeopardize your mental and physical health and waste both your energy and time.

There are two things responsible for causing bad habits:

  • Boredom
  • Stress

We all know that it is hard to get rid of some habits. The best way to address this situation is by replacing your bad habits with better ones.

That way you can still do a similar thing but in a healthier way.

Daily habits are so powerful that they can determine in which direction your life is going to go.

So if you want to be successful try following these habits that will change your life.

9# – Try to Stay Informed

Keeping up with the latest information from all around the world is another great way to invest in yourself.

We all know that the world is changing fast, and we live in fast-paced times when sometimes it is hard to keep up. However, staying informed can lead to new opportunities in life that you haven’t been taught in the past.

The source of the information is also crucial for being successful.

It is important to know that too much irrelevant information can cause stress and anxiety. This is why you should avoid unchecked social media information that pops out from a random user you’ve never heard of.

The best way is to find a source of information with a high reputation and have a quick glance 2-3 times per week. That way you will be informed on all new things without losing too much of your time.

10# – Set Goals

Finally, in our “10 ways to invest in yourself” list, we have goals. Even though it is at the end of our list, it is one of the most powerful ways to invest in yourself.

Setting clear goals acts as navigation in your life. It is like looking at a map and determining your preferred destination for traveling.

Can you imagine driving around without navigation in an unknown place? – You will be lost in minutes.

The same goes for the goals in our life. If you want to stay focused and make sure you are on the right path, you should set clear goals in your life.

Goals will also improve your decision-making, and they increase your planning efficiency for future events.

However, setting up your goals is only half of the job done. You still have to come up with a plan for how you are going to achieve those goals.

The best way is to set a long-term goal that will be used as guidance and come up with daily or weekly goals that will keep you on track.

As a bonus to our 10 ways to invest in yourself list is to always remember to love yourself!

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