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Can You Make Money Selling Printables on Etsy? (Full Guide)

Selling printables on Etsy is definitely doable, and it’s not as hard as you might think.

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Are you planning to get additional income? If you are, then it would be best to try one of the most convenient methods: selling printables on Etsy. There’s always demand for templates or digital downloads. By fulfilling these demands, you may effectively get a good amount of profit. 

If this is your first time dealing with printables and wondering where’s the best place to sell them, Etysy is a considerably good platform.

When you type in the keyword “printables”, expect to find hundreds of star sellers in the same category. And it’s proof that the printables market is competitive, as so many people may finally grasp their fortune by “selling” the products.

In this article, we will share some information along with additional tips for those who want to start selling printables on Etsy. See more in the explanation below.

Understanding Printables 

Credits: Het, Let’s Make Stuff

Before we dig deeper into the effective methods of selling printables, it would be best for you to first understand the concept of printables.

So, what are these things? As the name tells you, printables are a type of digital document that customers can print at home. So when they’re in need of a template, design, or art, they may use these printables instead of creating from scratch.

This may present unique benefits for both the consumer and seller. While the customers may spend way less time and effort on their creations, the seller will also get profits through the transaction.

And where does the transaction take place? It would be the digital marketplace. Etsy is one of the best choices among them where you may have the opportunity to gain additional income by selling printables.

What’s best about Etsy is that you don’t have to deal with the complicated stuff in order to start earning. After creating an account, and publishing your printables, Etsy will handle the rest. When someone buys your printables, the system will handle the transaction details, including the delivery times.

Of course, there are some fees that will apply. Per listing, you’ll have to pay $ 0.20. When there’s a sale, Etsy will take %5 with an additional amount for taxes. 

As there will always be demands for printables, no matter what they are, you may always try your luck by uploading digital products. Although you may need a few skills to create quality printables, now you can even do it without. How? We’ll tell you in the later sections. 

How Much Can You Earn From Selling Printables?

We could say highly possible. In fact, there’s a huge portion of sellers who are selling printables instead of other kinds of digital products. The reason for that is that with minimal effort, anyone could gain maximum profit, as long as the printables are valuable.

Even beginners could round up $ 400 a month during their first few months on the platform. Professional sellers may earn an average of $ 4,000 a month, especially if their printables are in demand.

This is the key to gaining higher income by selling printables on Esty: make sure that your printables are highly needed. When customers love certain types of printables, you may try to fulfill the demand by uploading the ones they need. That way, just by uploading one printable, you may gain continuous income due to unlimited downloads. 

Aside from consumer demand, the other factors you may need to think about when preparing the printables are marketing efforts, niche, and quality. When you create higher quality printables, customers will always love it. They would like to pay more, willingly. Getting print-on-demand functionality may also affect the amount of your possible income. 

How to Make Money Selling Printables on Etsy

The idea of selling printables is simple: create printables > publish them on Etsy > profit. But, does reality would sound as easy? Although the process is not hard to understand, it might be challenging for you, especially during the first time. But no need to worry, there are some crucial steps that will help you through it:

1. Picking a Niche

When typing the keyword “printables” on Etsy, you may find that there are thousands or more results. This shows that in this vast market, there are a lot of niche options you may explore. If your goal is to make a higher income, ideally, you need to pick the niche that has a higher market demand

You may also check other tools you may get your hands on as well, including Google Trends. See what people currently like, and make the printables accordingly. Although the competition can be pretty tough, you will eventually start earning profit as long as the niche is permissible.

Aside from thinking about the business, you may also create some printables according to the things you’re passionate about. Find a niche that resonates with you the best. That way, when you finish creating the “business” printables, you may start creating your own passionate digital products. 

2. Designing a Printable

When we’re talking about design, it comes down to personal preference. However, as our goal here is to earn money by selling printables on Etsy, you may start brainstorming the printable ideas by doing the research first.

Check on the platform, and see what customers like. Understanding the competitors may also help in seeking inspiration to craft your own valuable printables. From there, you may configure what are the visual elements to put in your design.

Whatever it is, make sure the imagery and fonts are of high quality. Aside from making your creation look less professional, using low-quality assets wouldn’t sell pretty well. Choosing colors is also important. If you want to evoke a certain emotion, make sure to use the proper color. 

Use at least three color combinations, and place the visual assets properly to avoid cluttered visuals. It may take a while to design printables, but that’s okay. What matters in the end is your high-quality printables that are valuable to customers’ eyes. If you want to seek inspiration, you may always check the guide to design printables, which may be helpful. 

3. Setup The Store

As Etsy basically works in the same way as online marketplaces do, you’ll need to set up your own store. Create a catchy shop name and profile image that anyone would easily remember. Make sure to follow each step carefully to establish a fully functioning store on Etsy. 

After the store is online, you may do the next step by integrating the print-on-demand service. The first time you do it, you’ll be asked to list the production partner. Fulfill any necessary information, and the integration will be effective soon. 

You may need to upload the printables later on. As these will be put right on your store’s face, you’ll have to make sure that they are of high quality. Aside from the imagery, ensure the descriptions may describe them with more detail. 

4. Market Your Store

You can promote your Esty store in the same way you promote an online store. You can use your social media, like Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram to tell the followers about your printables. Offer an additional value that’s missing from the competitors, like a discount for loyal buyers.


Gaining additional income through selling printables on Etsy may be a good idea if you’re looking for an effective method to have profits from digital creation.

The process is pretty much straightforward, but it might be overwhelming sometimes. Hopefully, by following the steps above, you may gain a better understanding and insight about it. 

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