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Most Powerful Money Attraction Symbols

Want to have a better luck with money? These money attraction symbols might work.

Yoga Adi



There are a lot of people who want to seek opportunities to achieve better wealth. Most would work the hardest, and some of them decide to use spiritual motivation to keep their will going. Symbolism is better to reflect it, which we can see from the items many would consider as money attraction symbols.

These symbols were originally a part of certain religions. But as time goes on, they grow into a cultural part that many would consider a unique character. The money attraction symbols were created with a certain goal. Some of them are also based on deities and other religion-related entities that many would believe spread out kindness and luck.

Most Powerful Money Attraction Symbols

As many people believe that these symbols will provide them better chance and look in seeking the wealth they dream of, many would even carry the smaller versions of them in their bags as good luck charms.

Do you feel curious about these money attraction symbols too? See more of them in the explanation below:

Understanding Their Significance

Before we mention the powerful money attraction symbols, we would like to explain their significance first in people’s everyday lives. Symbols are the visual representations of what we want and desire.

When words alone can’t convey the messages we’d like to imagine and plant in our heads, these symbols will work. By seeing the symbols, we would remember the goal we want to achieve, in this case, money or wealth. 

Keeping our heads remembering these goals will keep us motivated, especially if we see them every day. Think about it as a daily remembrance. The more often we see them, the more solid our desire to reach higher wealth is.

Despite their originality, these symbols may appeal to all kinds of people, despite their religions or personal beliefs. It’s because they are often tied to nature; something that is grand, authentic, and unparalleled.

The true meaning of these symbols is also not tied to something; it’s up for personal interpretations, making you think. 

As the desire to reach a higher financial status happens everywhere, it’s not surprising to find these wealth symbols all over the world, no matter where you are. 

Most Powerful Money Attraction Symbols Around The World

There are a few examples of symbols related to richness or wealth, and below are what people would consider to be powerful:

1. Maneki Neko

Credits: Time Out

Have you ever visited Japan and seen a little cat doll with one hand swinging back and forth? That’s Maneki Neko. This Beckoning Cat is one of the money attraction symbols that people are familiar with. They would put this at the front of their shop to attract and ask the customers or passersby to go inside.

This symbol has been used for a very long time, dating back to the 17th century. Often this symbol is decorated in gold. But people there also use other colors to represent wealth, including red, green, black, and white. 

2. Oshun

Credits: Society6

Oshun is another powerful symbol used to represent the deity worshipped by the Yoruba Tribe. This symbol is known all over Nigeria, and people would use it if they wanted to be lucky in love. Oshun is a deity of fertility, love, and sensuality. So it’s natural for them to think that Oshun may be a lucky charm when they’re struggling with their love lives. 

This deity is worshipped and highly respected by the tribe as they are believed to grant wishes the devotees would ask, including things about wealth, love, health, and others. 

3. Kubera Yantra

Credits: Rudra Centre

There are so many spiritual deities in Hinduism, including Kubera Yantra. This is the deity that represents wealth and richness, which we may see from the visuals that are mostly decorated in luxury colors, like gold and silver. Many people would put Kubera Yantar in their houses to bring luck to the family. 

4. Vasudha

Credits: Red Bubble

If you think that the design is somehow similar to Swastika, you’re correct. Vasudha is the modified version of it which exists strongly in Hinduism and mainly represents a sense of wealth. People in India would draw this symbol using a strong red color along with yellow. People would also put a swastika pattern first at the center as the base of all things. 

Although it does have a pattern, it doesn’t imply the same thing as what the original swastika does. People would consider it to be a symbol not of power but of love, healing, wealth, and meditation. 

5. Chan Chu

Credits: Amazon

One of many money attraction symbols that people around the world are familiar with is Chan Chu. This Money Toad strongly represents wealth. The toad in question, however, is not the same as any other toad. It has three legs stands on a huge pile of golden coins and only appears during a full moon. 

People would believe that this mystical creature is able to bring fortune to those who put it inside their houses. For maximum benefits, you will have to put it in the kitchen, dining room, or bedroom, instead of facing the main door. The reason for this is to bring luck into the house, not outside. 


Although most of these are parts of certain religions or cultures, having the money attraction symbols present around you may bring out certain motivations. Of course, as each symbol may have a different meaning, you’ll have to put the suitable ones. 

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