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What Percent Of 18-29-Year-Olds Are Investing In The Stock Market?

Wondering when is the perfect time to invest? Let’s find out.




The Gen Z generation is at ease using a variety of financial technology goods and services. Cryptocurrency, impact investing, and Robo-advisors are some of the most well-liked investment instruments among Gen Zers.

What is Generation Z’s utmost desire? Money and income, the ability to follow one’s passion (46%), and the challenges and excitement of the profession (39%) are the key factors driving Generation Z employment decisions.

Compared to 70% of Millennials, 75% of Generation Z want their work to make sense.

Do Millennials Make More Investments?

Compared to previous generations, they are earning more, saving more, and investing earlier and more frequently.

Millennials began investing at a rate of 31% before turning 21, compared to only 9% of baby boomers and 14% of members of Generation X.

Millennials: Do They Buy Stocks?

1.8% of the shares were owned by millennials during the first quarter of 2020. They held 2.5% of the company in the second quarter of 2021 when the valuation had surpassed $1 trillion.

A solid portfolio, according to the majority of millennials, should contain 10 or more stocks, according to the survey, which also shows that 25% of millennials invest in 5 to 10 stocks.

In What Do Millennials Invest?

The majority of investors, including 66% of millennials, 67% of investors between the ages of 18 and 40, and 73% of Generation Z investors, typically own shares. This age group’s most typical investment.

In fact, 40% of stock investors between the ages of 18 and 40 now own cryptocurrency, signaling that it is becoming more and more mainstream.

What Is The Typical Age At Which People Begin Stock Investing?

A Gallup survey found that investors started saving on average when they were 29 years old. Furthermore, just 26% of people begin investing before the age of 25.

But the math is clear: saving for retirement from 20 is cheaper and simpler than saving for retirement at 30 or later.

At what age should you begin stock investing? Your youngster must be at least 18 years old to create a brokerage account in order to begin investing in stocks on their own.

They can begin earlier, but a parent or legal guardian must open a custody account on their behalf.

Is 25 A Suitable Starting Age For Investing?

Keep in mind that past success does not guarantee future success. Naturally, a portfolio that consists primarily of stocks is thought to be riskier.

Sometimes it is believed that people under the age of 25 have a higher risk tolerance because they have more time to deal with market crashes and recover later. Loss of.

You need to have roughly $20,000 in savings when you are 25, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), for the first quarter of 2021.

Full-time workers made an average of $628 per week, or $32,656 per year, for those who were between the ages of 20 and 24. For employees aged 25 to 34, the weekly wage is $ 901, or $ 46,852 annually.

Does Gen Z Make Stock Market Investments?

Only one in three members of Generation Z (31%) are confident in their ability to explain how the stock market operates to a friend, even though 54% of them have some type of investment.

One in ten Zer respondents own NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), and about a quarter of Zer respondents have stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Where Does Generation Z Spend Its Money?

Since they were raised online, members of Generation Z frequently use their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to connect with friends and well-known brands and individuals.

They have high standards for the design, usability, and security of the online shops they use to make purchases.

What Does The Gen Z Market Desire?

Consumers of Generation Z are known for their practical approach to money and education, which is reflected in their traits. His love of technology, his commitment to social problems, and his strong sense of individualism are some of his other major influences.

What Products Are Appealing To Generation Z?

In addition to health and wellness, Generation Z places a high priority on electronics and technology, according to a 2021 5WPR consumer culture report.

Millennials and older generations, on the other hand, place more importance on travel and experiences than on household goods and furniture.

Final Note

It’s never too early to start investing, whether you’re 19 or almost 60. Make investing a habit if you’re still getting paid, regardless of the amount.

The real secret is to consistently make monthly investments and let the power of compounding work its magic. You’ll be grateful that you started now!

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