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How to Improve Brand Awareness on Social Media?




Brand awareness is a crucial aspect of every business, especially in a crowded market with a lot of competitors. However, we have a powerful tool at our disposal that can get showcase the perfect image for our brand.

Yes, we are talking about social media.

A recent survey suggests that more than 71% of small to mid-sized businesses use social media to spread the word about their products or services. This number is going to increase over time as social media grows.

Social media is a great source to boost your brand awareness because almost every person on the planet is using some kind of social media platform.

Social media can help your brand to become world-known and recognizable. A great brand can get people talking and sharing through everyday conversations. We are living in a time when social media plays a big factor in developing brand awareness.

Here are some tips on how to increase social media brand awareness.

10 Tips On How to Increase Social Media Brand Awareness

Advantages of Using Social Media to Improve Brand Awareness

Social media can be very helpful when it comes to boosting your brand awareness. There are plenty of ways on how you can use social media to build your brand and here are some of the most important ones that can help you improve your business.

  • It is more economical

Advertising with social media has low costs even if you are using sponsored ads. Traditional ways for building brand awareness are more expensive and have less return on investment. This is the reason why social media must be your number one choice when it comes to building brand awareness.

  • Decide what strategies you are going to use

It happens to all of us to run out of ideas. This is where social media comes on stage. It is the perfect place where you can check out the latest trends. You can have a better insight into what attracts the interest of the audience and it can help you to build a better strategy.

  • Lead generations

Research showed that almost 70% of businesses are using social media to promote their products and grow leads. So if you want to attract more customers this is the perfect way to do it.

10 Tips On How to Increase Social Media Brand Awareness

10 Tips On How to Increase Social Media Brand Awareness

By now if you were reading carefully this article you know the advantages of using social media. This is the reason why we decided to show you 10 of the most useful tips that you can implement in your strategy for building brand awareness starting today.

  • Target the right audience – This is the key factor if you want to have successful marketing. Define the people who will need your products and it will be easier for you to establish a connection with them.
  • Make research – Start your own research in order to find out more about your target audience and which social media platform they are using. Depending on the products you are selling you can choose the right social media platforms. You can even make surveys to get more intel.
  • Communicate with your followers – Everyday interactions with the followers are crucial. Being active on social media will help you gain new followers and retain the ones you already have.
  • Feedbacks are important – Whether it is positive or negative feedback you should always have time to hear your customers. Respond to your followers as soon as you can and show them that their opinions matter to you.
  • Use relevant influencers – We live in a modern time where influencers can change the opinion of other people. So choose an influencer that has the type of followers you need. When collaborating with influencers Instagram is probably the best social media platform to go with.
  • Set goals – Setting goals is a perfect way to know where you are at the moment. For example, set a goal to have 1000 new followers on Instagram by the end of the year.
  • Create creative giveaways – People just love giveaways. Think smart and make a plan on how to increase social media brand awareness with this strategy and don’t just give away stuff for free.
  • Your posts must be engaging – Create unique and interesting content to get the attention of the audience. Through the posts, you can build a strong relationship with the followers. Check out these tips for increasing engagement on Facebook posts.
  • Every social media platform needs a different strategy – Don’t post the same content on all social media platforms. Create different types of posts for different social media platforms. For example posts with more visual content are more suitable for Instagram.
  • Use hashtags – Believe it or not post that are using hashtags generate almost 15% more engagement than posts with no hashtags. The more hashtags you have the better.


Social media platforms are a great way for you to increase your brand awareness relatively cheaply. Another important thing is to build a brand that people can trust and relate to it.

This isn’t going to happen at once, but with some time and by following the tips we showed you in the article you will be on the right path to building a recognizable brand. Success and growth come with time. Keep improvising and trying new strategies to get your business growing.

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