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16 Best Ways to Turn $100 Into $1000 | Complete Guide

Are you hoping to increase your wealth? Yes, we all seem to be.




If you employ the proper techniques, it will probably be simpler than you imagine. Instead of spending time on quick-rich scams, adopt tried-and-true strategies to multiply your funds.

With the appropriate strategies, you can turn any amount—$10, $50, or $100—into $1,000. In this article, you will learn how to make $100 into $1,000 and much more in this post. Let’s get going!

Turning $100 Into $1,000

Here Are 16 Ways to Turn $100 Into $1,000 Or More

1.      Invest in Real Estate Crowdfunding

Websites for crowd-funding real estate like Fundrise are a great way to turn $100 into $1,000 easily. In order to avoid having to deal with renters, collect monthly payments, and handle all of the other headaches that might accompany owning a rental property, this type of real estate investing adopts a more hands-off approach.

2.      Investing in Real Estate Debt

Another choice is to use Groundfloor to engage in short-term real estate debts. This platform differs in that you can lend money to other investors to fix up properties even if Groundfloor does not own the properties. Therefore, investing in real estate is a fantastic side hustle that is quite simple to start.

3.      Invest in Small Companies

Although beginning a company can be very gratifying; it can take a lot of time and money to get off the ground. Without having to go through the process of founding one yourself, you may invest in smaller businesses thanks to platforms like Mainvest.

Mainvest is an online marketplace where you can make investments in local companies for as little as $100 and see a healthy return on your money. They provide a range of small businesses to invest in, including breweries, restaurants, and more.

4.      Start Blogging

Online companies like blogging and others are fantastic methods to start earning money online. You may quickly increase $100 to $1,000 with this online side job in less than a few months.

Starting a blog is quite inexpensive, and it can be a highly successful side hustle. You must reserve a domain name for your website before you can begin.

5.      Drop Shipping

With the drop shipping business model, you can sell tangible goods online without ever keeping any inventory. With just $100 in startup capital, this business strategy can help you start making money quickly. To obtain goods at a lower cost, you’ll need to identify a supplier with whom you can collaborate.

6.      Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can be a real technique to legitimately double your money or more if you have a small amount of money and want to transform it into $1,000 or more. Even though some people do not consider cryptocurrencies to be investments, if you pick the correct coins, they can still be a simple way to grow your money. With just $5, you can start trading cryptocurrencies on a platform like Coinbase.

7.      Start a Podcast

Using podcasting as a passive source of income, you can easily increase your revenue from $100 to $1,000 or more. While launching a podcast does need some time and work, once you have a following, you may start earning money from your program.

Starting a podcast is a terrific way to earn money while doing something you enjoy if you enjoy talking about a certain subject and imparting your knowledge to others.

8.      YouTube Channel

Similar to blogging and podcasting, building a following takes time until you can start earning money, but once you do, your channel will turn into a fantastic source of passive income. Given that some channels can generate tens of thousands of dollars per month, it is possible to turn $100 into $1,000 using this strategy.

9.      Sell Digital Products

A simple approach to turning $100 into $1,000 is by selling digital things, which may be a terrific way to make money online. You can make a digital product and sell it online if you have a skill or body of information that people are ready to pay for.

Digital goods, including eBooks, Instagram filters, budgeting binders, printable, and more, are some of the most popular ones.

Source: Forbes

10.  Offer Online Training

You can turn the money over and achieve financial freedom through online courses, which are fantastic money-making tools. Many online course developers generate a full-time income from their work. One drawback to this side business is that you’ll need a customer base to market your course to.

11.  Make Use of High-Yield Savings Accounts

Saving a lot of money while also making a little money can be made with high-yield savings accounts. For instance, you may earn up to seven times the national average in interest by creating an account at CIT Bank.

12.  Earn Money Using Drones

With a drone, there are numerous methods to generate income. There are various choices available, ranging from providing photographic services to businesses to becoming a licensed drone pilot and giving your services for rent. Even though some drones cost more than $100, you can sometimes locate used models for $100 or less.

13.  Retail Arbitrage

Flipping and retail arbitrage are quite similar, with the key exception being that you’ll visit bigger merchants to find your inventory. You’ll have to invest time in locating your inventory and profitably selling it after. You can utilize applications to help you find profitable products to resell.

14.  Invest in Retirement Accounts

Investments can be made, and future wealth can be amassed through retirement accounts like a 401k or IRA. There is no reason not to use this strategy since many employers will offer 401k matches to employees, which are basically free funds that are invested for you.

15.  Buy and Sell

You can make money by purchasing goods to resell, didn’t you know that? By repairing anything and turning it back into a more high-end item, you can increase your earnings.

16.  Make Income 3D Printing

You can run workshops to educate people on how to 3D print, sell individualized 3D printed goods on websites like Etsy, and provide 3D printing services to companies.

Final Note

Turning $100 into $1,000 can be done in a variety of ways. The next time you see any amount of money in your bank account, consider how you may make it into much more.

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